N64 seems like half the speed that it once was. So...


Apr 19, 2005
Wiltshire, UK
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I know I am not the only person here who has some issues with the speed of the latest version of mupen, so I have a request for some kind soul with greater knowledge than my current level of idiocy.


This older version of mupen is much much faster than the latest version, but there is one problem. When it was made V1 of the Notaz sound plug-in (the one with the skippy sound) was used instead of the latest (non skippy sound). If someone could merge this mupen with the latest sound plug-in, my fellow mortals and I would be eternally in your debt (and you might get a decent donation too :)

Any takers?
Yep, the latest version of Mupen(I believe I use the latest) is slower than it used to be... I have finally given up trying to fix that within the settings.

So yeah, I can only put my '+1' under this. :)
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i guess it depends which games you want to run? i love mariokart so for me the latest pnd seems to run this great!
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Me too, i use R1B5, the developement of emulator is stopped or continued ?
It all depends on what game you are playing and what settings are being used.. There's quite a few tweaks that can be made to make things super smooth.

So what game?
Errr well for me with the latest version of Mupen, nomatter what I do with the config file and what speed I run my Pandora at, Super Mario 64 is totally unplayable. Add to the list Waverace, any of the Zeldas and Martiokart if your wondering.

As soon as I change the pnd to R1B5 I can play at any settings full speed at 700mhz (1030 for a game like Zelda) The only problem is the skipping sound because the wrong plugin was packaged with it (by mistake I think).
Mario 64, Zeldas and Mariokart works fine for me.

You need to ensure you are changing the correct stuff in the INI and using the later graphics plugin. Make sure you don't put frameskip up too high or turn it off completely as the game will be very jumpy.

I generally leave Frameskip at 1 or Auto.
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as far as im aware you were supposed to delete the appdata folder for the newer version of mupen so it starts from fresh settings, try that.
I don't think n64 games are slow,it depends what games you are trying,these games run so well:

Super mario 64

Mario kart 64

starfox 64

waverace 64

f-zero x

mischief makers

sin & punishment

fighters destiny

fighters destiny 2

fighters cup

deadly arts

zelda ocarina of time

and many others can't say n64 emulation is slow these games i've mentioned run perfect without any issues and latest version of mupen is great,i hope we will get an update to run even more games and more speed. :D
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ocean, what build/settings/clockspeed are you using..? the ONLY one of those games you mention that runs anything like playable for me is SM64 & i am clocking at 900mhz