Why the Pandora is the way it is.

Holly _! 9 pages. It must have gotten epic! I wish I had time to read the whole thread this morning. I need to get packed for a trip out to CA. I got to read the first pages.

For those who don't feel like reading all this ED said explained it well:

"We pay them after they delivered the final boards. And I think THAT is the reason they didn't continue on the boards.

If we couldn't fix the nubs, the project would probably have gone bust - and then they had 3000 half-finished boards we couldn't pay anymore.

And as we kept asking and asking how things are progressing, my guess is they told as they are working and progressing to calm us down and not get angry, thinking we will not show up to check it out anyways.

Now they just got the first 2000 finally working nubs and started to work on the boards."

I figure that is something everyone needs to keep in mind when thinking about CC. However, they will still need to come through for the community in the end.

drohan, on 11 December 2010 - 08:10 AM, said:

Ed, So this means second batch units will be produced with the new company?

"It sure looks like it. We're still setting it up (as said, this is a loooong process... 8 layers with over 400 parts take a while to setup for a company).

Unless CC proves to be reliable from now on (as said, they might've just waited for the nubs, but we'll find that out soon), then we'll try to move on.

And even if they prove to work reliable from now on, maybe we'll work with two companies parallel to ensure we get boards faster.

And choose the better one in the future."

ED said it right again. CC always had the opportunity to redeem themselves. The nub issue seems almost like it could have been an excuse though.

ED said:

* Trey will regularly visit them to check up how they're progressing. There will be no way to fool us anymore!

This comment is the edgiest thing I was ED say. Which I guess could be construed as a little rough. I believe it was stated purely as a fact, it was one after all.

ED said:

"We are pissed. A LOT. And sad. Really sad.

One of the most important things for me in my life is honesty. People who know me would confirm you that I am honest. I think being honest to other people will payback, and so far, it worked great with any projects I've been involved with.

That company basically MADE me lie. With my last posts, I've been careful telling you that I'm not sure the company tells the truth - but before that, I told their facts believing their were true... which basically was lying to you."

Ed is so lovable. People with good ethics make me happy. I don't see nearly enough of that these days.

I recommend you go back to the original accidental suggestion and get Trey to bugger the company's head man regularly till they finish the boards... would add incentive to finish quickly (unless of course he enjoys it). I intend to wait for my Pandora, as a portable C64 would make my life complete (and a portable amiga/megadrive/PSX etc... is a nice bonus).

Let's all confirm here and now that we WILL NOT be cancelling in the near future - see if we can't help ease Ed's anxiety and help him to enjoy x-mas a bit more. Just post "WCW" (for "Will Continue Waiting") or "BBM" (for "Bugger the Board Manufacturer") to voice your support, and help bring peace of mind to a jolly fine fellow!



There is where things went wrong.


(Will continue buggering)

I found this one funny though.

Malthus said:

Wow, that's really aggravating. I'd suggest you file complaints with the Better Business Bureau and file a report at http://www.ripoffreport.com/ so other people dealing with this company might be more cautious when dealing with them in the future. You could also leave a review for the business on google maps. I'm tempted to do things more malicious, but for the time being I think it's best to give them a chance to fulfill their end of the bargain, and if they screw us again, start the real ****ery.

This is a very unfiltered presentation of my views. Harsh and unabashed. I don't personally think anything more malicious, or in truth malicious AT ALL is called for. The first two actions would be more then sufficient.

I am going to cut it short here. In closing, I hope that CC does have a bot running around online. I hope it finds this tread, and I hope that they read it. I believe it says that we care about the project, that we feel hurt, and angry, about how they have treated OPT, and we as a community would like to have a good relationship with them(it seems they did a great job on the boards they did make). That would require the completion of boards and the return of parts. At which point OPT could pay them and everyone can be vary happy.

IF they decide to continue to lie, push back deadlines and in the end screw OPT, many members of the COMMUNITY are willing to stand up and speak out concerning the situation.

I think that is fair. More then fair, but a good position. CC has a good opportunity to step up or step out free and clear. And OPT gets treated as we the community members feel it should.
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With any luck, at least that part will go smoothly! :)

Anyway, if you're interested in reading it, the thread that was referenced in the provided link is here - it was only locked, not removed. ED didn't do or say anything wrong - I gather that it was entirely the response from some of the community that apparently caused problems.

I don't wish to dredge it up, as you might imagine, so please note that this link is only provided for historical informational purposes. :p

I know you said "for historical informational purposes", sorry for posting so much of it, BUT I can give you some piece of mind. This issue is resolved for me. I think I have said my piece, and a couple more beside. The information you provided gave me wonderful reference and I thank you for providing the references. I can not wait until there is a OPT history page. It will be an intriguing read. As I told ED this project WILL make history books. It will be a first step in a new evolution of man's relationship with tech(Google sixth sense technology, watch a video, and think about it's relationship to a Pandora).

So in closing. LONG LIVE O.P.T.!
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Ok, I am a little OC. I had to finish reading that tread. There was a post on the 8th page by Timstertoo that was a bit overboard perhaps, though it did contain some good ideas. I don't want to post it as it is a bit inflammatory. And we are not looking for trouble. But aside form that and the previous siting, I see no real issues. I just saw freedom of speech. To sad CC is so sensitive.

In truth I don't think they would have had grounds to object if those two comments were not made. Threats like those help nothing. Talking things out does. As long as both parties have some standing ground. I am not so sure CC respects the ground that OPT stands on though. But my belief is that the community provides OPT all the footing it will need. After all the community by itself could crush CC if it chose. I am happy the community has taken the high road so far.

I am proud to be able to call myself a member of this community.
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But aside form that and the previous siting, I see no real issues. I just saw freedom of speech. To sad CC is so sensitive.
There's only really one thing I want to point out, here: We don't know if people went sending harassing messages directly to CircuitCo.. That could well have been an issue. But like I said, we don't know for sure, and at this point it's better left buried - we just need to be wary of potentially repeating history, which wouldn't be good as you know. :p

I am proud to be able to call myself a member of this community.
Me too. We've got some truly great folks here. And never a dull moment, either! :lol:
I have read that thread too :blink: . I think ED is really doing his best: posting us videos with the pandora and frequently posting on the boards.

Off topic: this is my first post here(ordered myself a pandora too from batch 2) and I'm proud of being here :rolleyes:
Welcome to the boards, gabytzu! :)
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