Update ZEsarUX 7.1

By default, i made Cursor&Shift as joystick type, using Dpad to move up and down and Enter to select an option works.

The first time it boots, you can select the last option to enter ZX-UNO bios and activate CRC checking, so it boots a bit slower.

About the emulator feature requests, you should contact the original author.
Sorry for the delay in getting back - I had a backlog of podcasts to listen to, so didn't want to reboot my Pandora and lose my place, which I thought might help. Whether it did or not I can't say - I also deleted my appdata folder like you suggested. I had deleted it for the build before this one, but I deleted it again to make sure, and now selecting the boot mode of the +2 etc. works fine.

Thanks for your work on bringing this awesome emulator collection to my aged Pandora!
Hi. There`s a beta of 5.1 released
"I have just uploaded today a new beta version of ZEsarUX. You can test Next hardware sprites
Binaries are for Linux, Mac, Windows and Raspberry (raspbian)"

I have uploaded a new ZEsarUX stable version

This is ZEsarUX 7.0
There are a lot of new features added, more than ever!

You can download the source code, as well as compiled versions for Linux, Mac, Windows and Raspberry Pi from:

The Changelog is:

Version 7.0. 25 May 2018 - Xeno edition

Added ZX-Evolution BaseConf emulation
Added BetaDisk and TR-DOS emulation
Added Spectrum +3 emulation
Added Spectrum keyboard ghosting error feature
Added ZX Spectrum Recreated keyboard support
Added improved Spectrum 16/48/+ colour palette
Added a fast spectrum core (with some features disabled) just for slow devices, like Raspberry Pi 1/Zero. Now ZEsarUX is playable on RPi1/Zero again!
Added setting to write protect IDE, MMC, ZX-Uno Flash
Added setting to show changelog when updating emulator version
Added actions to file utilities menu: Copy, Move, Rename
Added setting to disable persistent writes on IDE and MMC
Added setting to add a watermark on the display
Added setting to reduce display to a factor of 0.75. Used on RunZX event
Added setting to save spectrum screen to pbm file (black&white)
Added a setting to dump ram contents to file when exiting ZEsarUX, ideal to run automatic tests
Added setting to exit emulator after a number of seconds (--exit-after)
Added experimental simulation of the SAA1099 audio chip from the Sam Coupe
Added second Easter Egg

Added third Easter Egg

Improved debugging:
* new enhanced debug cpu menu: view TV electron position on screen, new default view, cursor, toggle breakpoints, run to cursor, change registers, and a lot more...
* added cpu-step-over function on debug menu (was already available from ZRCP)
* added function to write byte to file on ZEsarUX hardware debug ports

Improved ZRCP:
* run command is stopped by default when pressing a key (or sending data to the socket)
* when a breakpoint is fired on cpu-step-mode, the breakpoint condition is shown on ZRCP

Improved joystick support:
* added joystick test menu
* buttons to events and buttons to joystick configuration are saved on configuration file

Improved OSD keyboard:
* now you can press up to all 40 keys (on Spectrum/ZX80/ZX81) at the same time
* now it can be opened from any place (needs multitask on)

Improved QL emulation:
* experimental support of LOAD, LRUN command
* can now open qlay mdv microdrive image files

Improved file viewer from file utilities:
* specific file viewers for these kind of files: .tap, .zx, .zsf, .sp, .z80, .sna, .spg, .p, .o, .mmc/.ide (fat browser, plus3dos browser), .dsk, .trd, .tzx, .cdt, .flash (zxuno flash, z88 flash, superupgrade flash), .epr, .eprom
* default hexadecimal file viewer for unknown files
* conversion utility

Improved TSConf emulation:
* added TSConf DMA, line interrupt, sprites layers
* TSConf rendering: now tiles and sprites are drawn per scanline. Border drawing. Handling of scroll registers
* TSConf debugging: debug for DMA, Video registers, Video layers, Sprites, Tiles
* added TR-DOS emulation support

Improved menu interface:
* emulated machine display is no longer faded or switched to black & white when opening menu. There were different visual glitches due to this feature
* a new "tabbed" menus to improve usability and interaction with mouse, joystick and stdout driver: waveform, visualmem, ay player
* Character width can be reduced to 7,6 or 5 pixels width
* added a setting to limit menu event: enabling it you should press the menu key 3 times in a second to open the menu
* added a setting to hide directories from file selector menus, useful when you don't want the user to be able to navigate the filesystem
* Smartload: now the cursor remembers last file loaded
* added two more GUI styles: Clean and CleanInverse

Improved sprite viewer:
* now can see sprites with speccy screen format
* you can view sprites up to 512x192
* you can see tsconf sprites
* you can see pseudo hires zx81 screens

Improved TBBlue emulation:
* Added clip window registers
* Added Copper
* Added almost all next extended opcodes
* Added a setting to start TBBlue directly to a 48 rom but with all the Next features enabled, useful for fast snapshot loading

Improved AY Player: now shows waveform volume meter
Improved VU meters with decay effect on AY Player, AY Registers and Waveform
Improved text mode drivers (aalib, stdout, simpletext, curses): text settings are in different submenu, setting to set stdout/simpletext fps
Improved messages windows. You can now have an internal clipboard, press key c to copy to it. Press P on file utils to paste contents to a file
Improved frameskip: better performance, because realvideo buffer is not updated when frameskip
Improved sound: Silence detector activated by default but can be disabled
Improved top speed: loading sound is distorted when setting top speed
Improved autoload: new setting to run at top speed the reset+load"" process
Improved real tape loading: now it shows a percentage of tape loaded
Improved default configuration: when the configuration file doesn't exist, the new one has the autosave configuration setting enabled
Improved configuration parsing: if unknown setting found on configuration file, ZEsarUX will open but warns about the error, and the autosave feature is not enabled
Improved rendering on text mode drivers: now realvideo mode can render directly to black&white text. Try TSConf with --vo stdout --realvideo --autoredrawstdout
Improved Linux library dependencies: libssl is not enabled by default on compilation

Fixed ZX-Uno emulation:
* 128kb timings are the same as a Spectrum 128k. When port 1ffd enabled, port FF return FF
* Kempston port returns 0 when no kempston selected. New BIOS can be used now

Fixed TBBlue MMU when using segment 0000-3FFFH
Fixed Raster interrupts on ZX-Uno and TBBlue. Horizontal raster position was wrong
Fixed window footer when running Pentagon
Fixed panic screen: now it is shown on all machines. New design. I hope you never see it

Fixed some crashes with speech enabled and opening some menus: AY Registers, AY Player, etc...
Fixed annoying sound on Dandanator rom menu
Fixed bug on Z80 cpu core, iff2 was not being reset to 0 when firing an interrupt, so reading it by using LD A,R and LD A,I affected many demos

Some other minor bugfixes and improvements


I hope you like it!


There’s a new stable version of ZEsarUX, version 7.1!

Since the 24th of September, ZEsarUX is 5 years old :) So this is a special anniversary edition.

You must go to the Releases section on the GitHub project to download It, as usual:


There are binary compiled versions for:
-Raspberry Pi

And, of course, the source code, so people can compile it by themselves.
Don’t forget the extras package, so it contains lots of games, demos, programs and documentation.

The Changelog is:

Added ACB/ABC/BAC/Custom AY Stereo emulation
Added joystick action to change emulated joystick type: Sinclair, Kempston, etc
Added Basic viewer for .bas basic files (plain ascii or Basic Spectrum data with tokens), .baszx80 (Basic ZX80 with tokens), .baszx81 (Basic ZX81 with tokens), Z88 basic files with tokens
Added Sped format file viewer
Added ZXUno DMA emulation. Added some dma demos to zxuno.mmc image
Added TBBlue/DataGear/MB02 DMA emulation
Added TBBlue Multiface emulation
Added TBBlue Debug menu: Sprite navigator, Video layers, Video info
Added setting to deny turbo mode on TBBlue, useful on slow machines
Added Beeper Piano Menu
Added new Z80 TBBlue opcodes and deleted obsolete ones
Added setting to change Kempston Mouse sensitivity
Added menu item to create autoconfig files (.config)
Added setting --random-r-register to generate random value for R register on every cold start, instead of the normal 0 value. Useful to avoid same R register in the start of games, when they use that register as a random value
Added OSD Adventure Text Keyboard, useful for having typical words on Adventure Text Games (and of course any other kind of games and programs)
Added tool to export vocabulary from a PAWS/QUILL/GAC game to a list of words in the OSD Adventure Text Keyboard
Added new versions of my Sped compiler:
*Sped52en: English translation by Tim Gilberts, based on Sped52. In Sped format
*Sped53: Fixed bug from Sped52 (object code was always saved from 49152), based on Sped52. Spanish Version. In Sped format
*Sped53en: Fixed bug from Sped52 + English translation + minor changes in Spanish version by Tim Gilberts, based on Sped52en and Sped53. English and Spanish Version. In Sped format
*Sped54en: Fixed bug from Sped52 + English translation by Tim Gilberts, based on Sped52en, Sped53 and Sped54en. English Version. In plain text format
Sped53en is also included in the Spectrum Next by default :)

Improved debugger:
*Now you can use every register, variable, number on any position of a condition (left, right), so the following breakpoint conditions are now valid:
*Optimized debugger so common conditions like PC=X, MRA=X or MWA=X use lots of less cpu than before
*Added new kind of breakpoints, "memory breakpoints", which behave like MRA and MWA conditions but a lot faster than them
*Added bitwise operators AND (&), OR (|), XOR (^) when using registers/variables breakpoints/watches
*Breakpoints actions do not reset keyboard
*New pseudo variables:
**OUTFIRED: returns 1 if last Z80 opcode was an OUT operation
**INFIRED: returns 1 if last Z80 opcode was an IN operation
**INTFIRED: returns 1 when an interrupt has been generated

Improved hexdump menu (called now "Hexadecimal Editor"): now you can edit memory and copy zones of memory
Improved my Cursor Draw program: now you can use kempston mouse. Load cursordr_mouse.tap instead of cursordr.tap
Improved file converter: tzx to tap, tap to tzx
Improved TBBlue video display cpu usage: 3% less cpu in my machine, on a compilation without optimization (O2)

Improved menu:
* menu windows: now can have more lines than 22, doing scroll
* now you can write any ascii character on the menu
* added support to show some unicode (utf8) characters on menu
* now you can use binary numbers on expressions (suffix %)
* you can now scroll with mouse on windows with text contents and file selector menus, by clicking the right progress symbol (*) or the arrows
* now you can move cursor up/down with mouse on windows with text contents and file selector by clicking new arrow buttons
* new file expander on file selector menu, using space key, for the following file types : .tap, .tzx, .dsk, .trd, .mdf, .hdf, .P, .O, Z88 Cards (.epr, .eprom, .flash)

Improved native snapshot format (ZSF):
* Added divmmc/divide state save

Fixed autoload tape on TBBlue
Fixed bug when smartload and selecting an unknown file type: if you cancel it, the inserted tape was modified
Fixed bug reading extension on files with no extension
Fixed bug reading AY registers: unused bits for registers are set to 0

Fixed bugs on esxdos handler:
*readdir call was incrementing PC register when there were no more files
*added ESXDOS_MODE_CREAT_TRUNC mode when opening files
*BCDE was not returning from a f_seek call
*fixed mode OPEN_CREAT|WRITE which has appending data after a seek instead of overwriting
*added f_stat,f_unlink,f_rename,m_drive_info,f_sync calls
*fixed loading help screen on esxdos nmi handler
*fixed loading esxdos files with plus3dos header

Fixed Multiface Three emulation
Fixed text viewer, hex viewer showing some special characters ~ | ^

Updated to the last Next SD image TBBLUE V.1.0 "GOLD EDITION"

Some other minor bugfixes and improvements

I hope you enjoy it!