Upgrade your Pandora to the new PCB


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Feb 11, 2011
Posted 30 January 2012 - 06:24 AM by EvilDragon

Upgrade your Pandora to the new PCB

As mentioned before, I want to offer the possibility for any owner of a classic Pandora to upgrade to the current PCB, which offers 512MB RAM. For 150 EUR you can send in your Pandora and get the PCB replaced replaced with a new one.

The old PCBs will be fully tested, put into new cases and sold as refurbished versions for a lower price to new customers.

Therefore, if there's anyone who really needs more RAM (mostly for desktop usage) has the chance to upgrade it and any new users who want to get it mainly for gaming can get these units for a lower price.

The money made from these upgrades will also be used to ship out more of the old preorders.

I'll setup a website for that upgrade when the production has started and will let you know.


Hi Pandora fans!!!

Has there been any news about how to arrange the upgrade? Does anyone know if Evil Dragon has set up an 'upgrade' website?

Thanks y'all! :)
As far as I know, no page is up yet. ED has not said anything much about it yet, I think they are focusing on getting new preorders out so they can make enough money to build the old preorders first.
I'd say keep your eyes peeled, but have some patience over the next couple of days. From what ED has said I believe he's intending to work on this over the weekend.

- Neelix
Would this be upgrading the user's current main board or replacing it?

If it's replacing it, can we just buy a new main board (self swap)?

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I'd say that the current stumbling block will turn out to be the firmware. You can't use the upgraded RAM at present, because the current stable release of Zaxxon doesn't support it. The new beta doing the rounds with the experimental kernel does support the new RAM upgrade, but is not ready for general consumption yet, as it has a rather lengthy list of bugs which need to be ironed out before Pandoras capable of using 512MB can be released.

I suspect that the new boards will go out on time, but there will be a waiting period while the new firmware is completed ready for them, and you'll have to make do with only half the available RAM in the interim.