How is the Pyra supply chain holding up during the pandemic?


Nov 12, 2007
Self contained question in the headline really. One for ED if he sees it.

I know from my own business that PCB manufacture is especially hit hard. Other components are flowing but with big backlogs of orders.

Given the advanced state of the Pyra manufacturing and stock, what effect will the current pandemic have on your business?

To be clear I am asking this as someone concerned with the business itself surviving, not with so much of a concern for delays to customers getting their Pyras, which is hardly the most important thing right now.

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Sep 13, 2016
I want to know the answer too because I am concerned with the customers (i.e. me) receiving their Pyra.

Also, is ED's business doing bad? I hope not. It's one of my favourite businesses.


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Dec 14, 2012

First, of all, if you want news, look at what E.D. already posted:

Feb 23, 2020
The only thing missing for the first 550 units are the heat-sinks (they come from China, but there are plenty of sources so it won't be an issue), heat silicone mat (coming from Germany), packaging, sticker and manual (all from Germany), the heatpipe-strips (plenty in stock at Mouser).... and that's it.
GC already has the parts for the CPU boards and display boards and all the non-common stuf for the next 500,
Some general information:
  • Chinese industry, outside of Wuhan, is just fine. They just get less orders, depending on the branch; except for masks and other high-demand medical supplies.
  • Webshops are doing ok, it's brick and mortar shops that took a plunge. But when people are restless and panicked, they tend to buy less entertainment things.
  • E.D. Also edits hockey matches... my guess is that those matches are cancelled.
  • The PCB's are in, all that is required is those things mentioned by E.D. Which is relatively fast because it's within Germany. However, due to measures taken by Germany, the production is affected a bit (less active personnel).
  • Software-wise we are not there yet, but that will take half a year or so to iron out the bugs (like powersaving when on standby). But it's just one apt-get install away.
After those 500 are sold, and E.D. gets more money in from the full payment (as we only did downpayments), then there is money again for the next batch. And let's hope that by then it is summer and the virus goes back to dormant mode.
For the second batch I am a bit more careful, as we buy in small quantities, and there, with the backlogs, I think vendors will choose big orders first, to get money back into their business... so we might get pushed down the waiting queue more than that were are now.

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Jun 7, 2017
ED also has a standing offer from an investor on these boards if he wants to take that on. Kind of nice this project is being run by a stubborn German, it will get done no matter what.
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Nov 12, 2007
Thank you FBnil and ED. I had missed the update you mentioned. I tend to just look at the original posts on the Official News board, the last of which was January.