Asking ChatGPT about the Pyra Project

Let the keyboard-thread re-open. I think people that like the letters U and N are in favor of this new lay-out.
Figures... this was my prompt for it:
The Pyra is a clamshell design with the bottom panel having a keyboard taking 2/3 of the height, and the top part of it having a d-pad and analog nub on the left and four buttons and an analog nub on the right. The top panel has a screen with a narrow bezel with two screws down the right-hand side. Make the dragon and design in the background more stylised with vivid colours and contrasting the sleek lines of the Pyra.The top and bottom parts should be the same height, and joined by a hinge. The keyboard is a full querty with the perfect ergonomic design for a handheld computer. The screen should show the Pyra logo, and the dragon and background behind it be slightly blurred, but glowing bright like flames.
I guess it's trained on how a Nintendo DS looks like.