So Much For Free Speech

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May 20, 2006
I thourght I would find enlightened inteligent debate on my last post. I was proved wrong. I assume most of you think im "an evil anti-american terrorist". Theres not much point me staying around this forum anymore, I expect I have been judged to be "a crack pot" or whatever.

You are all in my prayers. I hope some day you will learn the truth, and not aimlessly follow the propaganda. The only one of you I have respect for is Telco Lou, because he had a geniune reason for not wanting this discussion to take place, because of the personal suffering inflicted by it. I accept this, and if the roles were reversed I would probably have done the same.

I tried to expand your minds with alternative information. I was met with hatrid and mockery. This is the last you will hear from me (I can almost hear the "good riddens, and dont come back").

With infinite love and peace. Andy Joiner

"A true patriot is a scarce man, hated and feared, but in time, when his cause succeds the timid join him, for then it costs NOTHING to be a patriot!"
- Mark Twain

(oh, and for the record, its not just me that thinks its was government involvement and orchestration of 9/11)

Google these people;
  • Ray McGovern, 27 year CIA veteran
  • David Shayler, former MI5 agent, whistleblower
  • Scott Ritter, former UN weapons inspector
  • Paul Craig Roberts, founder of "reaganomics", treasury department head during Reagan and Bush administation
  • Andreas Von Buelow, former head of Technology, German government
  • Micheal Meacher, Former Blair cabinet minister, resigned on the eve of the war
  • Morgan Reynolds, served in Bush-43 administration (bush junior) 2001, 2005
These are all credable people who have worked in the highest echelons of what we are talking about. They have all gone public over the last two years with their testomony against the official 9/11 story.

If you read telco's post on the other thread
sooooo many now
he doesnt want politics to be talked about on this forum
which is understandable, i mean politics are the start of every war (inc for forums)
If a mod chooses to close/delete a topic pleas respect that choice and don't open more, similar, topics.
Thank you.
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