Had no feedback from my reseller

Chris F

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Jul 15, 2011
I was on an early pre order for batch 1 (order date 10/4/2008 2:21 AM ) and in June 2010 asked Jacquelyn my rough position in the queue

"Your approximate queue position is 1450 - 1550. It will be despatched when we receive the next batch of cases, updates are posted on our website regarding this. Promise we will ship your Pandora as soon as possible."

Then on the forum I read during late Jan 2011

"Units produced so far: About 1600

PCB production: 1900 PCBs already finished. 250 of them are already on the way to UK. "

I asked about expected delivery at this time and was told

"Your order is due to be shipped within the next 2 weeks. Queue positions are not exactly the same as the amount of consoles we have shipped as some people ordered multiple Pandora consoles ie 3 - 10 per order, for example order number 690 maybe the 900th console we have shipped as previous orders had ordered more than one Pandora. Also some were used for replacements for faulty consoles and a percentage go to Ed.

You will receive a confirmation of shipping email on the day your order is despatched.

Kind regards


Now I understand the point with queue positions and people ordering more than one console etc...So I waited...

April 2011..

"Hi Jacquelyn,

Any news on my order?

It has been another two months since we last wrote each other, I was hoping for an email letting me know of a dispatch date?

I had expected my Pandora to arrive by now based on your estimate and sense that Batch 1 must be nearing the end.

Any new information is much appreciated."

I got no reply and still no pandora, its been some six months since I was told it would be despatched soon

My main question is, anyone out there with queue estimates higher than my own who has received their pandora? I ordered from the UK reseller. Just starting to get twitchy about whether or not my pandora has been sent out, or when it might be arriving.

I can not make out clearly on the site how far they are into the production, it feels like they are nearing the end of the first batch ( I be honest I can not remember how many that batch included).

Thanks in advance for your feedback,

-Chris Forrester
no official info here, but UK seller should be around 1200 queue number, and theres a little stall righ now because of problems in board production. youre welcome to read through the news subforum here for all the latest info, so no, at 1600 or day 4 of preorder, yours still shouldnt be shipped. also, batch 1 consists of 4000 pandoras, only about 3800 of those sold to plan for RMAs. and now there are premium orders, where you pay an additional $170 for your order to be shipped within 7 days, although these are also on hold for now, should be up and shipping again soon if craig would only confirm that he received the 125 boards he was supposed to get this week
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Thanks for the replies,

Seems its the waiting game then for me. Reading other posts from people who have receieved there Pandoras it will be well worth the wait. Fingers crossed it all goes up a notch and they are dispatching them again soon.