I'll have my Pandora!

Awesome, congratulations! Looking forward to your review.
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UPS was supposed to deliver it today. It was getting a bit late so at 17:40 I called them and asked if I can go and visit them and pick it up myself (they have an UPS central office only 1500 meters from my home). She replied that the driver has the package with him, and he should deliver very soon. OK, so I waited a bit more, and then I saw on UPS monitoring that I wasn't at home at 17:35, and second delivery attempt will be made tomorrow. damn liars.
Call and leave a note to pick up, so you can pick it up tomorrow. (ie: To avoid missing them again tomorrow.) I always do it..

... since who knows, maybe they did try to dleiver it, and went to wrong house :)

(For me its bad, sine my street name occurs twice on two adjacet streets.. one is Street, one is Avenue (pricks), so 10% of the time my packages go to wrong door :)


I think my usbhub went fubar ... tried to get my Stelladapter going the other night (to use 25 year old joystick on Pandora in an emu :) .. need to test. Best ever of course is using a 25 year old joystick while Panda is hooked up to TV :)
I'm thinking outside the US UPS is not that reliable or something. I've never had problems with UPS here in the US and I've lived in about 4 or 5 places in the last 10 years. I've also had my packages delivered to work and home no problem. There is no way that a UPS delivery guy would report no one home when he never attempted there, he'd probably get reported. I would report him if it was me, if drivers never get reported what is to prevent them from doing things like this? Maybe it is only Americans that report bad drivers so quality is higher?
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second.exo -- no, it happens everywhere; its just not that common. Also, whats your threshold for bad service?

UPS (imho) isn't as picky as FedEx; UPS will leave a package on your step without signature, wheres as Fedex usually requires a sig. I'v had UPS leave a package in a snowback, or on a strep in a snowstorm so that the snowbank formed over top of it :) In general, UPS is 'knock and run' -- they leave a package at the door and run back to the truck to go to the next stop. Ever had a $700 package sitting baking in the sun, ready for anyone who cares to walk by and steal it? Thats UPS :)

FedEx doesn't care any more, but their rules require signature, which changes those things a lot :)

Service is great when you complain and what went wrong never happens again. No matter how large the city I live in I always have the same UPS driver deliver to me excluding busy holiday season where there is so much that they make multiple deliveries a day. So, when I complain UPS tells that driver what went wrong and he changes it. Often I talk to the driver myself and tell him my problem directly. I've heard some people make UPS guys cookies or give them Christmas gifts, now that greases the wheels.

FedEx no matter where I live I never get the same guy so it is bad mistakes over and over and over and over. To get good service you have to speak up, not be passive and expect things to work out. Like I said before FedEx it doesn't matter because they are always different and their computer system must not be very good, can't have notes on certain drop places like 'don't leave on steps, take to door'. USPS are federal employees so they could care less what happens, they can't loose their jobs.

I have never gotten a package late from UPS though, never, I have gotten them early but never late. The only failed deliveries is when a signature was required and I wasn't home.

EDIT: Maybe UPS has a recored on me: "don't mess with this guy, he complains"
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I have it! I took it from UPS this morning and just arrived to work. It didn't turn on during my way to work, must charge it. The L-button feels stuck, R-button feels nice and snappy. Worst part of the day is that 20 students are defending their bachelor degree, and I have to ask them boring questions, it will take 6 hours! And it started 3 minutes ago, I'm late.