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Would you rather wait for a completely working pandora or not?

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Feb 10, 2009
Well I just ordered my pandora using google checkout and a credit card. So for all of you that didn't know this, google checkout and credit cards work. I also got an estimated shipping date of the pandora:

"Your son's order is confirmed and the estimated release date is July. He will receive a confirmation of shipping email on the day his order is despatched."

I know this may not mean anything but from the looks of all the progress lately it might be. Don't quote me on it.

My order was also in the first batch so hurry and order while you can, there may be a few slots left!

Hope this helps any people wanting to know about some ordering details. ;)

EDIT: My mom got the email because she ordered it cuz i'm under aged. So that's why it says son's order. And I offered to use a check but the sales people said I could use google checkout. Hope that clears some stuff up.
That's nice that google checkout can tell who the order was placed for as well as the gender. :lol:
So for all of you that didn't know this, google checkout and credit cards work.
Yes, we knew about this. There was a post about it, some hype, the post was removed, some drama ensued, an explanation was given, and then there was peace.
The Google checkout option was only given to a select few that had no other alternatives. They don't want the word to get out because otherwise they'll hit the magic flag which closes their account again. That would be bad.
By only offering it under the necessary conditions, they keep control and thus don't trigger that flag. Hopefully.
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Ixnay on the ooglenay. Not sure what it is that makes people want to post their emails on the forums... :rolleyes:

That aside, if they get the case moulds ordered in the next couple of weeks then July seems plausible for the first units.
No harm in attempting to coax some new news out of Craig and gang!

My god, that means it will take LESS THAN 2 MONTHS NOW??

oh i get it, now it's always a month away since we are getting closer? :unsure: ^_^