I'll have my Pandora!

when this happens to me i just press the about button which opens the about box which I then close,,
thanks, it seems to work.

Now I'm trying to connect my PC with Pandora using USB OTG cable. I plugged them together and saw nothing in dmesg of either one. Any ideas?

Aha! http://pandorawiki.org/USB_reference I have a Mini-B connecter. Maybe that's not enough. I want to get ethernet via this USB link between Pandora and PC. I am sure that I've read before it is possible. Need to search more.
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When I returned home with Pandora, I was greeted with a lovely poster on the entrance door. That's my wife and kids appreciating what just happened. Notice the hearts :)


And here's a quiz: find the Pandora in the mess:


I just tried chromium-dev.pnd package and finally I can log to forums from pandora. I'll give you my impressions on typing with this keyboard later - must use it a bit more. Currently typing this isn't easy :) I notice that sometimes some key is stuck and keeps repeating until I press something else.
OK, Caine, USB-VGA works. for now I just used http://www.gp32x.de/board/index.php?/topic/55572-solved-getting-usb-vga-to-work/page__view__findpost__p__898192

but Raman's xorg.conf isn't optimal. When I will really need VGA connection I'll work it out to be more confortable with xinerama.

It just eats tons of power. When sisusb was connected I had only 1h42 left, when disconnected I have 4h41 left. That reminds, I should plug the charger probably - IIRC it's better to charge often, right?

EDIT: http://www.gp32x.de/board/index.php?/topic/46780-usb-2-vga-works-on-linux-plug-play/page__p__702587__hl__sisusb__fromsearch__1&#entry702587
Alright! Good to know, will get one myself once I get my Pandora.

Thanks man. I appreciate it.
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