"2 months" I KNOW BUT....

mcgregor25 said:
Bottom line: how could OPT say they are going to have 3000 units shipping in one months time a year ago if they had so many components (wifi, boards, cases, nubs) still to manufacture and get working properly AND assemble? I'm saying even with no problems that is totally unrealistic.

I hope you're right about OPT being more than happy to refund, because I did cancel and am waiting on a response.

Because that was estimate that were given to them on manufacturing speeds by these suppliers. Which is generally a best case scenario, most likely if everything is working well. However things didn't go a smoothly as initially thought.

I've been following this project for a while, I've read just about ever bit a news for the last 3 years. There has been no sign of deceit, just a ton of mis-understandings. The biggest delay has been suppliers, which prioritize there work load by who pays the most and the Open Pandora Team is a small potatoes.

My guess is the Team asked how long does it take to populate boards or build the cases.. They say it only takes a few days to do such work, which is true.. but what they don't say is they queue 100 higher paying customers in front of the line, so it will take 4 months for the work to even get started. This is the world of Manufacturing, people with money get in the front of the line.
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I hope you're right about OPT being more than happy to refund, because I did cancel and am waiting on a response.
The girls have a 3-4 days delay to answer any mail. That's the same rule for futur/current/ex customers. So expect the same delay. But you'll have your refound.

If you're after a faster process, call craigx a lier out loud or something. May be a PM to him may even boost the process... But dont expect to be able to purchase a pandora next time....
They didn't know the original nubs were going to have reliability problems until they'd started using them in anger. If they had pushed on regardless, they would risk destroying the business with the cost of RMAing the failed units. Maybe you would've received your Pandora before that happened, maybe not. Even if you had, you'd have a unit with a very short life expectancy on the nubs.

I placed my pre-order right at the end of last year (December 30, 2009), as I'd decided the whole project looked "solid-enough" at that point - having lurked and kept an eye on developments for ages prior to that. I am a little bit disappointed to not have received mine yet, but then I think about the nubs and assorted other little issues and decided that I'm happy with the way things are.

I am happy that OpenPandora are choosing to take the time to make the product that they really want to make, with the quality and durability that entails, rather than rush anything out the door. They're making it worth waiting for, so I am willing to wait. (And I choose to believe that every time someone above me in the queue decides to drop out, that helps me get mine just that little bit sooner)
There have been many times that things looked like they were going smoothly on this wacky rollercoaster, and as I said it was genuinely expected that delivery was immanent a couple of times at least.

I understand your reasons for dropping an oar, but I don't agree that they have been misleading and irresponsible. Nothing has been kept from us at all. Whenever it was reported that production was about to happen and didn't; we were informed when a snag was hit, what the potential problems were, how long they were hoping to take to fix it, and who was dealing with who. I sincerely don't believe that they have ever tried to make things look better than they were, in fact the only thing that they are guilty of is believeing a few lies told by various unscrupulous companies, which they have now learned not to accept as fact until evidence has been provided, which is quite sad to me.

It's also worth noting that all customers have been free to cancel at any time without difficulty. In other words we are all here by our own free will and our belief in the project. We all want it to succeed, and that can only happen if we all hold fast in the face of disaster and delay. We also have to remember that while OPT are a company, they are also just community guys like us and have no sinister agenda.
except for EvilDragon, that guy always has something evil in the back of his mind
Yes. There's nothing more evil than me in the world.
Only someone of the purest evil would be shoving a Pandora in our faces on his avatar and then have the audacity to make daily videos showing us just how great the Pandora, we-don't-have-yet, truly is.

Most think you're an okay guy. Me, I know you are evil.

Just join RedBaron clan and get on with living.

P.S. Did ED ever join?
I must say that the two months were at first a dissapointment, but it was impossible to begin with. I've waited months before I could preorder. And then again 2 years (minus 2 weeks) before I got it. But I am really happy that I was part of this amazing part in history: about 4 guys being able to completely coordinate this project to actually build a fine working handheld that I've wet my pents over for years in my dreams. This is not a dream anymore. It is actually possible to pull this off. They have proven it, or are still busy proving it that it is possible to design, and mass produce a thing like that for a reasonable price.

I know that they weren't the only ones doing the work, but they did know how to coordinate, how to interest people, and especially do the things that make a project like this probably boring.

Guys, thank you for letting me be part (by ways of letting me preorder my pandora ;-) ) of this milestone in history. I will dedicate my firstborn to EvilDragon, because he seems to like kids. :).

(Oh, boy, it was actually three: http://www.open-pandora.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=116&Itemid=25&lang=en but I already counted mweston as part of the group)
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Oh, and I forgot to say: thanks to this pandora, I now need to buy a new battery for my macbook, because I didn't care about it for 2 weeks, and Jobs has decided that owners that don't give their macbooks attention for more than 2 weeks shall pay the price. (All the work has been done on the pandora: walking around, configuring switches and other network stuff with a USB->ethernet dongle)

Boy am I glad that apple did not design my pandora! :)
I like to think that most of us wouldn't be here if Apple had designed the Pandora
id like to know thats the iphone is apples version of the pandora, its basicially an open pandora w/o all the necessary stuff
Well, a brick is an open pandora w/o all the necessary stuff too
I like to think that most of us wouldn't be here if Apple had designed the Pandora
If Apple had designed the Pandora, everything would be DRM encrypted, the touchscreen would have been capacitive, official apps would be overpriced, everything would be streamlined and miniaturized at the cost of functionality, a bulk of the development community would be working on just opening up the thing for development, and I would complain about why everyone is buying them.