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Would you donate money to rid GP32x of google ads?

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Eh? :rolleyes:
Jarska333 posted on Jul 22 2005 at 05:00 PM said:

Eh? :rolleyes:

Well, sure, if anybody has as much time reading all the google ads, he really needs that...

... A boat, I mean, for sure ;)
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Horscht: No problem, glad to help. :)

The ads will change according to whatever's in the topic (as ED pointed out), which is kinda funny, because if we all [cake] just started [cake] talking [cake] about cake [cake], then it'll [cake] show up [cake] in the [cake] ads. (Free cake recipies). :D
Drag posted on Jul 21 2005 at 09:25 PM said:
I like google ads. Mostly because they're TEXT ONLY. :) No blinky ads, no flash with SOUND (ARGH!!), no "SHOOT THE TENNIS BALL WITH YOUR LIGHTSABER TO WIN A FREE PSP!!!!" flash ads. :p

If you have adblock, you absolutely NEED to add this to your list:


because falkag ads and popups will try to install spyware/viruses/viruspyware/malware/soup onto your computer.

Drag posted on Jul 21 2005 at 10:05 PM said:
Horscht posted on Jul 21 2005 at 05:53 PM said:
I pretty much prefer these google adds (only these ones, not the ones used on other boards that randomly underline keywords in the posts themselves that open a small dialoque box when you float over them) to "normal" adds.

if you have adblock, block this:


and all will be well in the kingdom. :)

I hate those keyword things too. >_<

Can I block these things with the pop-up blocker in Firefox? I notice it doesn't cover all pop-ups; for example, if I go on Newgrounds it'll stop some pop-ups from opening but one of them WILL open... :unsure:
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