Give The Dev A Pandora!

Who should receive the donated Pandora?

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Cameleon said:
Gruso said:
And it is done. Good one. :)


Jokes. Good luck with the job interview!

I shall, already working on basic red-cyan 3D support in Penjin, with a view to trying to get some form of good looking 3D working. As well as porting my already ES compliant Puzzle Game, and as it doesn't seem to be complete a port of SFML 1.6 (<- Better than SDL imo). I'm sure there are other things that could be thrown to me as well. Cheers for the good luck wishes for the job interview. I think I'll need it

Can you also do this colour scheme:


Those are the glasses I have since a TV station here gave away millions.
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I approve of this decision. I'll approve even harder once you get that job with Imagination Technologies. It's a foregone conclusion in my mind.
Now that the Pandora has a home, would anyone be inclined to help us give a Caanoo to a dev in the Wiz/Caanoo section? Nova is coordinating a voting effort here:

All you need is a Facebook account so you can "Like" Nova's entry. If he gets the most Likes, he wins the Caanoo and donates it to a needy developer. Even if you don't care about the Caanoo, if would be awfully cool if you could donate a mere click to the cause. :)
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congrats cameleon, great to have a new active dev on board.

bet your glad thats done with, Pokeparadox :D

gruso, you should do an article about this story. It's pretty cool how a jerk off thief triggered the events which ultimately strengthened this community.

...still think we should have our own coding comp funded by the community :p