Finding a proper name and logo :)

/me likes Pyragon - and only the .com domain seems to be taken.

It sounds like a fancy geometric shape <reaches for the GIMP>...
BTW.. It might be useful to create a poll on another technical forum and ask them what they think is a good name for a device like the Pandora (without mentioning Pandora - just say it is a multifunctional Linux tablet / gaming device). You will have an objective party looking at the names suggested then.
/me likes Pyragon - and only the .com domain seems to be taken.

It sounds like a fancy geometric shape <reaches for the GIMP>...
since you say that, you may want to replace the "gon" with "tope", which is an N-dimensional generalization of "gon"
I think I'll put my vote in for DragonBox and Pyragon. DragonBox sounds a bit generic but seems to be the safer option. Pyragon has more personality.
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Phoenix is nice, but it has been used a lot already.

I still like Pyragon. In terms of logo, I kind of like the "letters fit together" style, like this: (but done better than what I can do in 5 minutes of gimping)


There could of course still be a more abstract logo on top of that.
Sorry, I dislike that.

I prefer some abstract thing like the Pandora Logo.

No Word, please.
It's because you know it already.  If I don't tell people/you what this is, they/you would think that this is just some abstract logo.  ;)
Right, that's what I want.

Just some abstract logo.

My vote goes to Pyragon.

Sounds much better than DragonBox.
I don't mind very much how it will be called, anyway here my idea:


(phonetically similar, but with the ED bit inside and used rarely on google)
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@ED : Good to see some P2 discussion started 'from the horses mouth' :) Was wondering how you'll choose the name, will you pick the one you like the best or open it up to a poll?

FWIW I think DragonFly is the best name put forward by the community so far, but DragonBox sounds cool to me too. I wouldn't worry about search rankings and domain availability too much, build it and they will come!

By that I mean if you intend to keep P2 as a niche device then there are far more important things than worrying if the domain name is or
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^ Brand new member vote only counts 1/2 :)  Just kidding.  I vote for DragonBox too.
Long time lurker here :) . I actually thought I had an account before. I went to go sign in and it said there was no such member, so I registered. Glad to finally be apart of this community!
"Pyragon Pau" ;)

Sorry, that was not a serious proposal.

Pyragon still sounds good to me. It's better than Pyrrha (as tricky to spell as diarrhea), more original than Myriad, has a subtle reference to dragons without containing the explicit word "Dragon", has a subtle reference to Pandora (through Pyrrha), and has plenty of logo potential. And it sounds like it could be a character in some Tolkien-esque RPG :)
Pyragon is fine and currently my no 3. Reminds me of the 1979 pinball classic Paragon.

The more I hear it, the more I like it.

Sounds like an unknown mythical creature - rarely seen, but very powerful/potent.

Perhaps a hybrid creature...

We could have a running meme for the device / creature... what is the Pyragon?

Whoever's asked will give a different account - depiction... but one thing is agreed upon... It's AWESOME!!!
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Sounds good...

....PanDragoon(my Tip) sounds funny,



Sounds very good and Serious.

Compliment for finding it ^_^
Anything with "Open" in it will get 2 bonus points from me. OpenDragoon doesn't sound too bad.