Filling small gaps in the case

Pyra needs an extendable bottle opener
I will like to have a corkscrew as well! :D

Edit: If the space had to be filled, I will like somenthing more pandora or pc related stuff. An small compartment for small usb devices (like the one that comes on devices for small rf or bt dongles) or flat space for a few SD cards. I know this will take a lot of space but I liked the extra usb port hidden beneath the pcb on the early eeepc models (people used it for extending the internal storage and put stuff like gps dongles [they had to remove the casing of the dongles so those can fit well]).
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Storage space for SD cards is actually the first idea I've seen here that actually seems to me like a good one to actually implement.

You could lay out 8 SD cards flat under the Pandora,  and I've always figured it would make sense to store cards with the device. An in-built SD card caddy (like this one only for SD cards instead of micro-SD cards) would be a good way to ensure you always have the right ones. :)

 (Failing that though I've found that this one fits nicely in the same carry case with the pandora, and holds storage for 10 SD cards)

- Neelix
I've a lot of posts in this section to catch up on so forgive if mentioned elsewhere...

Could an LED torch be crammed in easily enough?

My phone has a Flashlight app, which basically ignites the camera flash at 3 levels of brightness.

I've a HEQS/quick toggle for it too.

I use this all the time, including navigating my way to bed each night once I turn the lamp off.

On the Pandora, having a bright LED next to where the stylus slot is with a button next to the volume wheel to enable it, would be excellent.

I'd like one on the Pyra
Depends on the brightness.

Cheap white LEDs are cheap

Bright ones aren't