Yet another of these: My ideas for a pandora 2

That's why it should have two. One jack for each orientation.
i can see that working. An audio jack is cheap as chips. It may be weird esthetically at first look, but it totally makes sense in our case.
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One solution is to use headphones with an L-shaped jack. I am using one right now on the side of my phone and it hardly bothers my hand at all.
The pandora is already almost unacceptably thick when it comes to pocketability. That just looks awful.
Disagree completely.

Take the HP 620LX PocketPC. Yes, that monster on the left.




I can fit this beast in my pocket. The Pandora is like a blessing in comparison, and I'd much rather have a thicker handheld if it meant the controls were better. If I can handle that massive thing I'm sure the extra 7mm of thickness that would be needed for the L2/R2 buttons won't be a problem.
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So pretty much the same idea behind Samsung's "future proof" TV with replaceable motherboard but with the OP?
Well. It's not the full motherboard and all periphials being replaced, just the SoC/RAM. Motherboard upgrades can already be done by users with the current design, but the savings compared to buying a new unit isn't that great.
  • two shoulder buttons (I'd really really like four, but I can't see how this would be done,)
Four shoulder buttons are indeed possible if we place functionality before form. A la nVidia Shield:


I understand this device will be less pocketable than the P1, and quite frankly the more I think about it the more I prefer it over the alternative of an inferior controller.
All in all, I like the ideas, hopefully the fixes will be focused on first. But since our first glimpses of the device through Craig's eyes show a very different device, the fixes may not even be necessary or relevant.
I understand people's want for 4 shoulder buttons, after all PSX has 4, but something like that picture, barf.

Instead of 4 shoulder buttons, why not 6 face buttons?  It would work just as well in most situation (not all, but most) but IMO would be more beneficial in more situations (think more authentic Genesis feel, 6 button Genesis, arcade, ect).  Remember, SEGA Saturn and original Xbox had 6 face buttons and 2 shoulder buttons and they were able to work effectively control-wise for cross-platform games from PSX and PS2 respectively.