Ordering A Pandora: Proceedures


Nov 14, 2009
Hey everyone.
I sent off an email to openpandorasales@gmail.com recently (about 4 days ago) and they emailed me back (the very next day), telling me there are a few slots left.
I happily sent off a response confirming that I wanted the Pandora and my preferred shipping method (regular air-mail). They haven't emailed back yet.
Now, here's my problem: I'm a patient person (I can wait another year if I have to) but I worry about the lack of response.
I know that the default system is Google Checkout, but I didn't read this part of the email at first:
We will then forward a Google Checkout request for payment.
I sent the request from my Gmail account. I was going to set up a Checkout account when they sent back an email.

Do they take a while to set up the order and respond, or have they sent something to my non-existent Checkout account and gone unaware.
In other words, do I need to send an email back, set up a Checkout account right now and pray- or should I wait longer for a response?

Anyone know?
Gruso? Mali? Exo? The ever-busy Craig?

Sorry for the useless topic but I don't know where else to go to get advice.
It's also weekends all over the world..
They got back to me on Thursday or Friday, which was just a day after I sent an email.. I was adding a TV Out and Carry Case to my PreOrder.
Like Consequence9 and kingoddball said.

Here is the latest quote on that matter
craigix said:
We have been sorting the orders again, weirdly even now people still cancel, and a few orders are always never paid (we are cancelling every single one of these now).

So while you might get an email at the moment saying 'Please wait' or even no reply for a few days, if there is a Pandora available you will get an email, we just need to do the final 'sort'.

After that we will email out information on batch 2.

Another member said that you have several weeks( I forgot the exact timeframe) to pay, so your Checkout account should be activated by then.
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Sphinxter said:
Google checkout blows, they can't protect their own information much less yours. Better off with wire transfer.

Still waiting to see evidence of this. I think any problems would have been corrected awhile ago.
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