Worried that Order may have been missed


Aug 22, 2010
Yesterday, I went ahead and ordered the Open Pandora via Google Checkout, when I promptly received an automated reply by Google and then by the OP Team that said that the order was being processed; a little while later, I became aware by Google that the order was bounced by due to suspicious activity. The situation was quickly rectified and the order resumed; but I have not heard from the OP Team since then... Should I send an email directly to OP in case my order was missed after being re-approved?
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I wouldn't be too worried, the same thing happened to my order (probably because it was an overseas purchase).

I have no doubts that your purchase is now in their records, but if you are concerned, I believe openpandorasales@gmail.com would be the person to contact. They're always a little swamped with emails, but you should get a response in a few days.
As stated above, you should be right, mate. You won't be disappointed, by the way, because Pandora is awesome. :)

Sony I'm promoting you to official Pandora Propaganda Master. Your positive reinforcement for those of us on the fence on premiums has probably netted quite a few conversions. I can positively confirm at least one!
It's been 4 days since the confirmation email from Google Checkout; I ended up getting a confirmation from the OP team as well... Am I supposed to be waiting this long?
Same thing happened to me, I actually got a call from my bank asking if my card was stolen but I put em straight: "I just purchased a PANDORA FOOOOOOL, now quit your jibba jabba and let me get back to bliss!"

4 days later I was with Pandora..