Compo4all PanMame games test, request, pre-poll thread

I will add a column to my list and add game genre. Will have to give it a thought how to create the categories. Don't want to have too much genres. Shmups will be one category for sure, but the rest is a bit harder.
You mean like how we have "beatemup" (King of Dragons) and "fighting" (Street Fighter 2) ;)
Beat'em'Ups and Fighting are very different genres :) A beat'em'up implies moving around a large level, fighting AIs; think TMNT, KoD, Double Dragon, etc; theres a whole pile of indie titles out there, and clones, and so on.

Fighting games are typically head to head, you fight one enemy, through a progression ladder.. real human preferred. Theres some variation .. a couple enemies, or occasionally a bit of level to see.. but you know precisely what we're referring to .. Street Fighter, Killer Instinct, Virtual On, Tekken, etc. Theres just no way to put Tekken and King of Dragons into the same genre :)

Like Bubble Bobble and Raiden .. platform (with shooting) and shmup .. in an abstract sense, certain similarities, but anyone can see them apart :)

Beat'em'Ups and Fighting are very different genres :)
You know you're not really helping, right? ;)

In this case the purpose of dividing in categories is to have games that everyone can enjoy. I think people that like fighting games like both genres. Different probably, but someone loving puzzle games will not be attracted by one of them.  

But to make it less complicated I think I will just use already determined categories. has the following categories:


Ball & Paddle : 8

Breakout : 52

Casino: 13

Climbing: 11 

Driving: 221

Fighter: 594

Maze: 370

Mini-Games: 19

Misc.: 63

Misc. Betting: 5

Multiplay: 29

Pinball: 13  

Platform: 527

Puzzle: 257

Quiz: 93

Rhythm: 14 : those games don't work

Shooter: 1275

Sports: 516

Tabletop: 248 Is that a category?

Unplayable: 258 We surely need more of this category! ;)

Wrestling: 34 : Shouldn't this be fighting or sports? 

Interesting selection... 

More driving and sports games needed maybe? 
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Interesting; Sports games are an area I've always just entirely ignored; they're in the corner of my brain reserved for 'trying to milk some pennies out of a few sportos who showed up in the wrong place' :) Or crap like Golden Tee that is in every pub, but everyone hates it :)

Were there any classic era sports games (Track and Field I guess?), that might actually be playable on Pandora...

I can't see Track and Field being very playable on Pandora.

To get the athlete to run at any appreciable speed, you had to, as I remember it, mash two buttons over and over as fast as you could...then to jump/throw, you had to press a different, third button.

The Pandy's design does not seem to be very conducive to the kind of button-mashing that Track and Field required.  There could be a few sports games playable, I'm thinking the Irem Skins Game should be playable on a Pandy - I haven't tried it, but it seems like it should...golfing should be fairly do-able with Pandy.
:lol:  goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooal!!!
T&F is pretty playable actually. As long as buttons can be re-assigned, I don't see an issue. I've played it several times on Mame, and have had great fun. HyperSports works good as well, but both require the Pandora to be sit on a table(or lap), as it does require 2 button presses and then a third, but it is very workable if you know what your doing.

I'm not sure how the scores would be stored, as there are many different events. I'm not sure exactly how this would work in Comp4. I'm all for it though, as these are two of the better "sports" games around.

Well...Pole Position is VERY TRICKY to get working on MAME.  But it can be done.

You need two ROMS.  It will still show up only once in your list.

It's either that...or you suffer with Japanese only, and not English.
Well...Pole Position is VERY TRICKY to get working on MAME.  But it can be done.

You need two ROMS.  It will still show up only once in your list.

It's either that...or you suffer with use it in Japanese only, and not English.
There, fixed that for you ;)
Did some more analysis on the games that we are now having available and compared it to the genre categories used by For details (pivot etc) see here

Fighter 7,69 / 14,54

Maze 15,38 / 8,57

Platform 42,31 / 12,20

Shooter 34,62 / 29,52

First number in the list is the percentage games in the compo and the 2nd is the percentage based on mamedb. Based on that list, you could say we have too much platform and maze games, enough shooters and need more fighter, driving, puzzle and sport games. That is if you are trying to become a virtual arcade hall and present the users a similar experience and choice.

The genres have some strange choices though and they really overlap and to make it more usable a subcategory would be needed. For a high level check it could be used though. 

Finalized testing and I have included the old requests: 

Battlezone ( Asmo Shooter OK!

Joust Kumaki not OK

Nibbler Kumaki not OK

Salamander Kumaki not OK

Gaplus Kumaki not OK

Jr Pacman Kumaki not OK

Qix Kumaki not OK

Sinistar Kumaki not OK

Super Pac Man Kumaki not OK

Tapper Kumaki not OK

DigDug ( Kumaki Maze OK!

Millipede ( Kumaki Shooter OK!

Missile Command ( Kumaki Shooter OK!

1942 Kumaki Shooter OK!

Rolling Thunder Kumaki Platform OK!

Yie-Ar Kung Fu Kumaki Fighter OK!

Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja Linux-SWAT Platform OK!

Rastan Linux-SWAT Platform OK!

Terra Cresta Linux-SWAT Shooter OK!

Circus Charlie Mr_Loon Platform OK!

Will add the following games to my testing list

Jumpman HyperSports

Jumpman Track and Field

atari_afternoon Pole Position 
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Well...Pole Position is VERY TRICKY to get working on MAME. But it can be done.

You need two ROMS. It will still show up only once in your list.

It's either that...or you suffer with use it in Japanese only, and not English.
There, fixed that for you ;)
But if you can't read Japanese...

Dunno about you, but I like my games in English!

Sorry. That could be politically incorrect, I suppose, but oh, well.
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Following games are not OK. They don't have a hi score file. 


Track and Field

Pole Position 

These games had a hi score file but no valid files:

Crazy Rally

Burnin' Rubber  

Fire Truck 

Planning on starting a new poll the end of this week. Last day to request adding a game on the testing list Wednesday. 


Drift Out (Driving Genre)  - no hi score saved

Ghost Pilots - not OK 

Moon Patrol - not OK 

New Drift Out - New Technology (Driving Genre) - no hi score saved

I will setup a new poll. It will be a selection of previous requests and some nice games that were tested before and OK. Not really trying to have more of a certain genre, I dropped that idea. 

Don't want to make it more complicated, lets just add some new fun games to c4a :)