Compo4all PanMame games test, request, pre-poll thread

@ Skeezix Sure. I assume you are talking about the starting, exiting and then restarting the game to be able to play it. I will add a note in the list for those games if I encounter them.

@ Linux-SWAT Unfortunately Shinobi didn't pass the test, but I have added your comment to the list. Maybe the game will be supported in the future.    
Well it is not about the game itself but about the hi score files the game creates. They need to be accepted by the script Skeezix created that tests validity of the file. If it is not OK, like defender, then it can not be implemented yet.  

I am not sure if different ROMs could create different hi score files. Seems pretty unlikely, but maybe Skeezix can comment on that. If there is a fair chance then it is no problem to try a different version. 
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Its not likely but you never know; ie: There is really only one ROM probably (ie: the actual boardset), and then many different dumps because MAME encourages this shenanigans ;)

Now, some few games get revisions (alternate versions based on location, or alternate code between cocktail and uright version) or revisions (correct an error after a year..); I think MAME typically has alternately named roms for those, they do not re-use a rom. So '' should always be the same canonical version; it changes over time since the MAME guys like to rename things, or include ROMs or PROMS or the like they didn't require before, etc.

(Personally, I think thefiles within a 'ROMset' should be named after their location on the board, or chip-id, and should be every IC on the pcb, so that over time theres no need to ever alter the bloody ROMset file .. this is how it was done 15 or 20 years back when we started emulating all this stuff :p )

Well, I just know that certain Defender ROMS did not work with PanMAME, whereas others did.  The were labeled things like Green/White Label, Red/White Label...and so on.

They were different ROM's, not the same ROM.

so was wondering if one of those might work for the .hi files.

If you all want to try, I could send you the defender ROM I'm using....which does work with PanMAME.
I have a working version of defender and it should be the same version that I tested (version from Asmo). The games name is If you have a different version that works then contact me and I can check. 
Yah, the one I have is also called ""

Worth a try, I guess.

I just know there were multipple roms available for defender.

Maybe we can get Joust next month, that would be fun.

Another one that could be fun, if it will work is Mad Gear.

Salamander (aka LifeForce) could also be a fun one to have.

and an old classic, Nibbler...again, if it will work.  That one is sorta like Snake, baiscally.
I AM, hoever, very glad to see Elevator Action, Gyruss, Bomb Jack, and Time Pilot join C4A

Never did get too much into Mappy, but, hey, the more games, the better!
I have added Joust, Salamander and Nibbler to the testing list. Nibbler is one of those games I also like to play once a while. Hard as hell after a couple of levels and really great if you like a short fast and furious game.

Mad Gear is already tested and not OK. You can check this file here to see if I already tested a game. The link is also in the first post. 

@all I like to have an opinion about the current method to select games for this month. In the poll it seemed like people are not really interested in a poll or maybe just don't care what games are added as long as we see an increase in games. Nobody checked the "we have enough games" in the poll so that is good :)

I think a poll can be fun, but there is a risk a certain kind of game is not chosen because it is less popular. That is why I was also thinking about pre-selecting some games based on the "game type". Let me know what you think..  


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b_o_b you are the Games Master.  I assume you will do you best in that role to do what is right and best for the community.  I support you whatever decision you make.  Except, of course, if you decided to add no more MAME...or no mare games at all, then I'd have to fight ya, LOL.

All that said, Glad to see Joust, Nibbler and Salamander being tried out.  Yeah, Nibbler can be hell on wheels real quick after the first couple of levels, but I have made it to level 10 once!  Needless to say it was totally insane by that point.
I like the idea of one game per genre per month. That should appease all players interested. Though you'd have to make sure that each genre is sufficiently populated to prevent them from recycling the same couple of games each month
Following games also would be good for testing...




Jr. PacMan


Missile Command


Rolling Thunder


Super Pac Man


Yie-Ar Kung Fu

Some of these, I see are already tested okay.
/> Nobody checked the "we have enough games" in the poll so that is good :)
Well, it's not possible to select it without also selecting some games to add ;)
Hehe, indeed. Never thought of that :)  

pmprog I will add a column to my list and add game genre. Will have to give it a thought how to create the categories. Don't want to have too much genres. Shmups will be one category for sure, but the rest is a bit harder.  

@ Kumaki Indeed DigDug, Milliped and Missile Command are tested and OK. Added your requests to the list. 
I will add a column to my list and add game genre. Will have to give it a thought how to create the categories. Don't want to have too much genres. Shmups will be one category for sure, but the rest is a bit harder.
You mean like how we have "beatemup" (King of Dragons) and "fighting" (Street Fighter 2) ;)
Well, you'd have Platform Scrollers, for example, say Salamander - although that could also be considered a Shmup.

The problem of course, is that a lot of games are not very easily classified, since they fit more than one "genre"
By the way, b_o_b, thanks for adding my requests to the test list.

I have more, of course, but I believe I've given you enough to work with for now, lol.