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Aug 15, 2012
France, near Lyon
I create a new thread for this old port.

Cataclysm is a Roguelike RPG. It's text based, and developpement has ceased for some time now.


There is a Tiles mod, implement graphics tile rendering, now using GLES, but featuring an old and outdated engine.

So, your choices are:

To experience the original game, use "Cataclysm"

To have nice graphic if you don't like text GUI, but the oldest engine, use "Cataclysm Tiles"

History log


Build 06


  • Removed Dark Days Ahead, it will have its own PND now.
Build 05

  • Updated Dark Days Ahead mod with latest sources
  • DDA is now Fullscreen, using SDL (still character based)
  • Ported Tiles mod to GLES. It's faster now (engine is still outdated)

Build 04



Build 03


  • Added Mod by TheDarklingWolf (sources from 27/12/2012).
  • Added back the orignal Cataclism from Whales
  • Moved the "options.txt" (for Whales & Wolf, Tiles don't have one) to save (from data).
  • All 3 versions share the same data & save folder

Build 02


  • Added CataTiles, so there is graphics. But, it's OpenGL graphic with MesaGL, so it's slow.
  • Use Greymour mod as base, for text based or tile based Cataclysm.
  • The Tileset for the catatiles is the Rust v0.2 [here:]

Build 01


  • Initial release.
  • Use urxvt terminal to provide a terminal that as the exact right dimensions (80x25, or the games won't start).
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I'm trying to update Cataclysm-DarkDaysAhead. It went (almost) fine and I have now a somehow working GL Build ... But, it's using SDL2 and again I have issue with Keyboard input.

That is very strange because all special keys, like DPad works, but most letters don't (same issue as with the Hammerwatch 1.22). I need to dig deeper into SDL2. Very strange issue here.
As a follow up.

It seems the issue I have is related to the new TextInput API.

I see no SDL_TEXTINPUT event generated when I press qwerty keys...

But stadanrd SDL_KEYPRESS events are generated. More digging to be done...
So, it seems all is inside this piece of code (inside SDL_x11events.c):


            if (data->ic) {

                X11_Xutf8LookupString(data->ic, &xevent.xkey, text, sizeof(text),

                                  &keysym, &status);



            XLookupString(&xevent.xkey, text, sizeof(text), &keysym, NULL);


If I force not X_HAVE_UTF8_STRING, it seems to work. Strange (I'll hack SDL2 for now), but it seems X11_Xutf8LookupString return a null string...

I also extended than Pandora key table (inside scancodes_xfree86.h), to avoid a Key not recognised. error (copy paste from the x86 one from keycode 146 to end)...
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Ok, The new Dark Days Ahead is far from the original now.

So I removed it from this PND and will package it in his Own PND. I don't think this PND will ever evolve again, as only DDA is actively worked on.

Build 06


  • Removed Dark Days Ahead from package as it will have its own PND.