C4A down?

My buddy over at the one cloud host had a couple bad weeks, and then good again; they're definately over-subscriving, which isn't great :p

Moving to EDs is probably wisest; I've been rather leaving that (and a lot of things) to 'version 2', that I've not had any time to work on for awhile. (and when I say that, I mean it; I'm not lazy, I just have kids who don't sleep :)

The 'problem' is that C4A codebase currently in use, was the one put together really quickly as a weekend hackathon, to see if the idea would take; as such, it is missing some features that you would build into any sensible online system, like round robin and multi-server support, etc; so right now, the basic 'spaghetti client' assumes http://skeezix.wallednetworks.com:13001as its main contact point.

I could alter the code to be smarter, like I intend for v2 (which is to i) have automatic downloading updates, ii) a server config file and profile(s)-per-server properly managed, iii) server preference and round robin grouping .. ), so that it can try one thing and then another, etc but that requires _everyone to update_ their games (since 'sc' is embedded into all the pnds.) Also, changing the code would need some working with other clients out there (theres at least a couple other than my 'sc' at play) to ensure consistency. So thats a bit of a job.

One option is to change the CNAME for 'skeezix' to refer to EDs server .. ie: to solve this at a DNS level. I'm not sure I'm a fan of that, but I imagine it would work .. so the DNS for my VM woudl just point to EDs VM, and then I'd get another domain name set up on my VM.

I suppose another option would be a /etc/hosts file change on Pandoras, so that DNS woudl go to EDs, without breaking my actual DNS.

All sort of suboptimal.

Anyone have any other clever ideas?

--> It might be the best thing to do is for me to nail down some of the client goals (v2 as above), and build that, and circulate it so fusilli-client and so on can update if they wish, and then we could coordinate a rollout. I could update the Compo4All Manager as wlel, to handle multi-server, so that you can pick the current default server (ie: so you can pick which to talk to), which woudl be easy.. then we'd have:

i) default server on EDs

ii) test server on my VM (so people could send configs to me, try them out, and then I could promote them to EDs for actual runtime)

iii) the ability to run other servers (people could fire up their own compo4all server, if they wanted, and others could 'add server' to their pandora config, and play it there.)

--> Thats not a huge job.. a week of hacking on my side, then whatever tiem for fusili-etc to get caught up --> I'm okay with burning midnight oil (I mean, 3am oil) for a week to get that done.

We could aim to do that, without going so far as the c4a v2 server rewrite (which is in progress, slowly) .. get the new client and config tool update out, but leave server update for later ..

... then big push to get everyone to update their pnd files, and all the players to pull down new pnds.

I suppose I could put a message-of-the-day change on my defualt server 'we're down, download new pnd files!') to 'force' the issue, if anyone reads that...


Seems down again right now.

EDIT: NVM, refreshed right after posting and it was back!
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Been up straight since Nov 24th, no burps far as I can tell. Only way it goes down right now is if someone shuts down the VM (power failure etc), and none of the admins bring it back up (which should be abnornal, but has happened a couple times.) It shoudl auto-restart after any outage where the VM comes back up, or in the event of a crash, etc.