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milkshake .. I keep meaning to ask, but wasn't sure if we should save it for 'later' when I do a pile of c4qa work, or earlier; but we might as well bounce ideas around :)

Any ideas on how to manage game volume?

Right now, there is quite a length list of games; ignoring the idea that we could group them into competitions (I'm going to revisit that whole idea, so people can group their own moini compos, we can have sponsored compos like PandoraLive, and so on ..), just having too many games in one long list is getting hard on the UI.

Two sections come to mind..

- the main marquee page

- the dropdown list

We could just scale down the marquees and offer more per row, as an easy hack, but I'm not a UI guy; feel free to come up with something way more clever ;)

As to the dropdown .. uuuugh, any ideas?