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If I don't have the long name or short name how/why world I display the score?
You could just ignore it? Like
if (shortname == "" or longname == "")
Or you poke skeezix until he removes empty players from the highscores... However he has a LOT of stuff to do these days. ;)
The c4a manager don't enforce an unicity on the short name.

ptitSeb and I used SEB (was to be expected ;) ) but different long name.

But as the interface filter only by short name, currently, we dont see ptitSeb highscore here : http://c4a.openpandora.org/#/shmuppan

(if you remove the filter you'll find ptitSeb score)

Could you filter by {short name , long name} pair ?
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Just trying to test the fix on my local server but having apache issues. Hopefully will be sorted today though.
Could you add images for the games Skunks and S.H.M.U.P.P.A.N?

I've knocked up quick ones using images from repo, based on the dimensions of the other images used on C4A site.

If nothing official, perhaps could use them [unless objections from the games' devs of course]

It's just when you don't have an image it doesn't indicate the game unless you mouse over to get the alt text

As is:


Mock up:


Here if you want them


Ah ok :)

On his back burner then I guess eh ... it's not a major change priority