C4A down?

Yes, I'm getting a timeout on skeezix's site at the moment too. The c4a.openpandora.org site is loading, but since that uses scripts from skeezix's site, that's impacted too. Otheriwise it seems to load fine.
Someone needs to kick Skeezix's Pentium II server it's running on..

jk.. not sure what it runs on..
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Judging by www.wallednetworks.com it's some hosted server somewhere, although I dunno if Skeezix has a box coloed there.

Edit: Still down for me, though now it's actively refusing connections instead of timing out, so I guess it's rebooting now.

Edit2: Oops, works if I use the right port!
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I didn't touch anything, it remains up .. must've been some connectivity thing.

Walled is a hosting service, which also happens to be run by friends of mine; the server in question is a VM with quite nice specs.

Walled has _massive_ connectivity  .. freakish amounts really.

I'll let 'em know to check things, but I'd assume they already noticed whatever it was..

Server seems to be having another turn today.
Over the weekend, I've notice OpenTyrian hasn't been working..
ISP is having a power outage due to ice storm and somesuch.. they've had a couple rough spots for sure!

Nearing that time I should move it over to EDs server eh? ;)

Outage again? Scoreboard banner loads, but stops there..
Ah, looks like a transformer blew up supporting some of these things; thats all fixed, so I've sent them a ticket to bring up my server., (ISP is some friends of mine, so them firing up my stuff as freebies isn't on the normal priority support list for 'em :)

Once they get the VM back up, I'll fire up the c4a stuff.

Same, can't view the scores on site and my high scores are saying ”failed to upload, will try again next time"