An observation concerning bias

I'm confused op is mad about people being biased ? Or because people have a certain perception of a person? I feel some people on this particular board (boards?) take things offensively too easily and treats everything they do not agree with as a personal attack.

Also the whole caps things deals with how most people view text and how the brain processes it, and how as most cultures use it to show important or legal information like a stop sign is written like this "STOP" instead of this "stop". Just sayin'

On a sidenote I never realized you can type in different colors on this board. Thanks for pointing that out for me.
Maybe some pepole feel the need to emphasize things more than other pepole order to make their point.

blah blah blah drama and soapboxes. You people need to drink a cup of concrete and harden the $%&* up. Its just the internet.
No. You need to soften up...and give some consideration to other people's feelings! Do you know some people have committed suicide over being treated cruelly on the Internet? Granted, that is an extreme case, but it has happened. How would you feel if you knew your "clever" remark had caused another person to do that?

I would point out that in the context of a moderated forum (any moderated forum, not just this one) there is no "right to free speech" You have a right to contribute constructively. Otherwise you have the right to publish your thoughts somewhere else and exercise your right to free speech there. (eg in a personal blog where you can say anything you like)

- Neelix
Oh yeah? As an ex-Mod, if I had a nickel for every time someone here screamed about Moderation and "free speech" I'd be a freaking millionaire. and I wan't even a Mod for very long.

No, I agree with you, Neelix...but the vast majority of people here seem to believe they have the right to say absolutely anything they want...and take great offense to being Modded.

Can't we just let this go?

Overgauss, I understand and appreciate your intention when you started this thread but we're just getting into the same discussion again.

I like Kumaki and ZXDunny both and the only result of this thread going on is that people are going to get upset again. No one is going to change his/her opinion and they are not going to kiss and make up.

If we can get them to co exist on the forum for a bit without getting into each others way this will blow over and nobody has to ragequit the community. If we keep putting them in a situation where both feel they have to respond, seeing as neither of them is capable of not responding, we're just going to get more drama.

And we've past the fun bit. It's getting old. We need new drama between other people over another subject so we can all chime in again. :)
You're damn skippy we are NOT gonna kiss and make up!  I'd sooner kiss a turd.

My feelings were hurt...and I do NOT forgive people who hurt my feelings.

I am a very sensitive person, I grant that. Still, when my feelings are hurt, it takes me a LONG TIME to get over it. If I ever do.

No, I stockpile grudges and insults...I just am that way.

And, by the way - the whole "It's a free country" thing...that is exactly what the schoolyard bully says...just after he tramples your sandcastle.
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You're damn skippy we are gonna kiss and make up!
JOY! I had no idea! This is going in my sig!
 No, you're not.
Yes, I f-ing am :)
More to the point, it's a small mistake on her part that renders what she's been saying hilarious. You've PM'd me about what you consider to be appropriate behaviour (even letting me get away with the word C- in my signature for god knows how many months now) and you think that it's appropriate for me not to quote her in my sig?

Even though others who have made similar gaffs in the past have been quoted in people's sigs before now?

Really? I think you're going to have to ban me.

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I think you should put it in context by quoting the whole line.
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This is "pants down" the most useless thread that I've seen so far on these Forums.  That having been said and to be edited in the future by someone other than me, I would just like to say that we're all biased to some degree or another.  That's all that I wanted to say...please, carry on.   :)
Well played ;)

I think we should let this thread die.
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Sorry, I couldn't resist that last probably flew over most people's heads anyway.  As for the whole "free speech"'s a bit of a gray area as well.  Just to prove my point, I'm going to go watch a movie in a crowded theater and then start yelling "fire" a few times...loudly.  Then to top it all off, I'm going to go take a plane trip and somewhere in the middle of it, I'll just start yelling "bomb", for no particular reason other than I'm just trying to express one of my personal freedoms.


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I think you should put it in context by quoting the whole line.
Quoting another person...accurately or not...WITHOUT THAT PERSON'S PERMISSION...should damn well be grounds for banning.

Because THAT is definitely deliberate flamebait...and THAT, my FUCKING-A-WELL against the rules.

Now I am fucking going to expect the Mods to back me up on this one.

Quoting another person, without their a WAY OUT OF LINE.

And, without directly or indirectly or in any other way conveying permission to be quoted...if you're going to least quote what you DAMN WELL KNOW I intended to say.  GodDAMN
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How about everybody cool of for about a day and then forget about this thread, OK?
And no, quoting someone else - Correctly, I might add - is not grounds for banning. Don't be silly. Quoting someone else is the very basis for being able to follow a coherent argument on these boards (not that this is very evident in this thread, but still). It is a basic function of the social interaction system of these boards.

If you don't want something you wrote to be quoted, then don't write it. Neither you nor anybody else has the power to selectively forbid someone else to quote what you've actually written. And retconning reality by editing your posts after-the-fact does not make the original post go away. We are all grown-ups here, which means that we are expected to be responsible for our own actions.
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I've had people quote me out of context in sigs before. Is it embarrassing? Maybe a little. But if you try to have a sense of humor about it then you'll see it isn't such a big deal. People aren't idiots, they know that when a sig has something weird or silly it's usually not something they should take seriously and was put there as a joke. You should learn to say "ha ha, you got me" every once in a while instead of "WHY YOU HOW DARE YOU"..

This constant flying off the handle and calling everyone a big mean horrible poopy pants out to destroy your internet life is getting freaking old, Kumaki.
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You have absolutely no power over how external forces choose react to you. However, it is you, not they, that decide what reality you live in.

The responsibility is yours. You make the choice.
If you say it, it can be quoted.  

Don't want it quoted, don't say it. 

Sheez this thread is going nowhere.  It will be locked very soon. 
All this thread proves is how devious and wickedly cruel Overgauss actually is. Shame on you for using poor *innocent* Kumaki for your twisted amusement like this. :3

And she even thanked you for it. Poor girl...

...But the rest of us see right through you mista! :3