My New Sig!!

He told you to edit because you posted 2 times in a row, in case you didn't notice.
I do love that sarcasm / insult upon my intelligence. The three things I posted were seperate issues. One was about hip-hop and off-topic, one was addressed to matt, and one was addressed to Ernest. I was also quoting different people, which is made easier by clicking Quote next to their names than coding it manually.

Due to my sig I can understand that splitting my post up might cause you to have to scroll for oh... about 0.01 seconds more to get through them. I apologise terribly. Of course, it makes my post easier to ignore, as you quite easily prove by disregarding the reason I posted 3 times.
[01:51] Enslaved: have you ever seen a whale penis?
[01:51] Rico: can't say that i've had the pleasure
[01:52] Enslaved: ok hold on

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