Am I Being Greedy?



On website, they announced the units will be shipped out on Nov 10th as planned. They said the USB problem has been fixed. Here is the interesting part. By Friday, they will announce what kind of compensation Korean customers will be getting due to the delay...So, We are the bigger market for them, and we suffered the delay, and...
it's diffrence between exact day and some week.
koreans was supposed to get theirs on 4, Nov.
and as you know, GPH is korean company.
customers live in same land and could upset company ;)
I dont think we need compensation. It would just slow up the process and cost more money for the small market GPH. "we" on this site would consist of people from all over the US and Europe so it would be very difficult for GPH to give compensation to so many countries. You also have to think about how few people there are who even know what Gamepark Holdings is among the many other countries and the whole process just isnt worth it outside of Korea.
If they're gonna try and compensate us I'd suggest releasing a free game that comes with the unit... and quick ;) doesn't matter what kind of game but just something to pass time until some of the homebrew starts trickling out, I don't feel they owe us anything really but I think that'd be a nice gesture...
It's so funny. Everyone delays consoles. It's the way businesses work. I'm used to it.

Maybe it works diffrently in Korea.

Something they could so, now that the hardware is ok... maybe update the English page...
Yeah, you get a free copy of Pong on the CD ;)

Seriously though, I don't think there'll be any free games on a CD. As far as I know that's just outdated info that's been spread around since the beginning.