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The CEO of GPH appologized on their homepage that they couldn't ship the pre-ordered units on promised Nov 4th date due to problems that couldn't address. The other Korean site said that it's due to imperpect USB communication firmware that is supposed to handle communication between GP2x and PC. That would lead to a problem that GP2x won't be recognized as a device from the PC side, hence no firmware updates.

I fear it will impact us ordering from overseas, or will we get units with the problem? Neither is a happy news for us. They said the shipping is re-scheduled to Nov 10th...

Craig, have you talked to them, recently? :(
They were supposed to ship 500 units to people that preordered in Korea on November 4th. This is bad news. How are the devs able to flash their units if the ones coming off the assembly line are broken this badly?
All preorders who have payed ( all ) should set GPH a deadline, until they must ship the device. Or you ( the custemor ) would cancel the order.

3 delays until you have payed. And a lot more to come.
You can be happy if it is under the Tree in Dezember.
This is bad news. How are the devs able to flash their units if the ones coming off the assembly line are broken this badly?

Via a serial lead, it takes about 4.5hrs :D. I don't think it would appeal to Joe Public :p.

The early dev-kit's don't even have the USB chip on them ;).
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If I don't have my unit till 6th of December I will cancel my order, that's for sure. There is so much more fun stuff to buy ...
i really want to get it in november.. hey it was said that we get it at the end of october first. payed 170€ for the unit and its money im missing now ;) it wouldnt be that hard if the gp2x is on my desk tho..
Yeah, we need some info on this, or else I'll cancel my preorder as well.
I will mantein my order till they made a good stuff.
I wonder if can give us some toys to pay out the delay (maybe a USB host port?? :).
if does not work the usb port put inside a host port PLEASE
Boy there are some whiners here :rolleyes:

Has any console *ever* been released on time?

For the people who did an early pre-order, there was no set release date then, so how can you complain?
you're right about hardware releases always being postponed but i guess that's more a psychological thing. if someone tells you first, he/she'll give you the candy now and then says "not now but next week" wouldn't that make you go berserk or at least become frustrated? ;)

btw, i preordered on september 15th.

At least they don't do like Sony and delay it 4 months for US and, and 8 for Europe....yet ;)

Anyway, if they gave us some free 2500 NIMH AA's, I think everyone would be willing to overlook this ;)
Nah, I'd rather wait and get the best possible firmware release they can get on it by a good release time. Cause I dread the thought of flashing any firmware... I've bricked an MP3 player that way.