Aggressive prompting for push notifications?


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Oct 3, 2008
Hm, Tapatalk shouldn't appear on desktop browsers... does it for you?

The net 'feeling' of these annoyances combined is likely greater to me than the average user? I connect from:
Chrome on Windows, Chrome on X86 Linux, Firefox on X86 Linux, Chromium on Pyra, FireFox on Pyra, Chrome on four Android devices, and Chrome on a Chromebook. To top it off I periodically clear cookies and have a tendency to replace or re-image my hardware far more often than I would like to admit.

Where the Tapatalk and Push Notifications requests both seem to be per browser per device based instead of being controlled via the one per user Account Details tab, it starts to feel like I am constantly getting hit with Tapatalk and or Notifications messages - and frankly, I don't want either.

I checked Tapatalk's 'required permissions' in the Google Play store. It has all the permissions required to be data stealing spyware while enabling, well, nothing that can't already be done on a mobile browser - except to convince the Tapatalk popup that no means no.

Why the hell are so many websites in the few years pushing popup after popup demand-requesting push notifications? Does anyone ever purposely enable that? I could see where accidentally enabling those could result in an onslaught of browser spam. If this were enabled, who controls the message flow? ED or XenForo or does it get sold to some marketing company?

ED is the customer of the forum software hosting company. I'm assuming he's paying them a rather hefty fee for this pleasure.
We are ED's customers and potential customers. ED owns the relationship to us. Many of us have paid him, though not directly for the forum usage itself.

This is one of those scenarios that feels a lot like a hosting company assuming that all of the customers of it's customer belong to the hosting company. Are we ED's customers or XenForo's?


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Oct 6, 2008
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The question that hits me is that presumably ED installed this tapatalk plugin for some reason unrelated to it wanting push notifications. I'm unclear at present as to what it does.


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Mar 4, 2003
I don't see the small push notification at the bottom to be a big annoyance. I don't use these myself but others might do so. And it only appears once.

Tapatalk is more annoying, but that doesn't have anything to do with Xenforo, it's Tapatalk itself.
And Tapatalk has quite a few users - I'm using it myself (even posting this message with it).

So I don't think it's something I should disable - unless someone has a working alternative.


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Jan 21, 2016
Tapatalk has a few users because it's been positioned as the de-facto forum app, at the cost of all/any competition.

At first I relented (to the incessant notifications) and installed it, and it at first appeared convenient. Looking back, I think the convenience was purely superficial, as I can't honestly tell what I liked about it. What I didn't like was that it popped up even more notifications, used up more battery, and kept attempting to get me to join other forums I had no interest in.

Having removed it, it's not like I miss it either. Not sure what it provides that the forum doesn't do... however, it does come up every few days on my phone asking me to "continue" using the web version, or install Tapatalk. So, I can understand the feelings here - it's like a constantly dripping tap. Only there appears no way to replace the washer. It's just rotten.

It's a case of: convenience, or freedom? Choose one.

/rant (sorry ED)


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Oct 25, 2011
I use android chrome browser on my phone for forums and it works just fine. I think i did try tapa a long ago when mobile versions of forum sites used to suck but got rid of it for the reasons @ClockworkCoder stated. Nowaday all is fine and current version of pyra forum looks and works perfectly without a need of extra apps.