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Also belong in the Coronavirus thread:

Yes, but if the arbiter reports he broke the rules and he dismisses the claim, then it's another strike against him, after he did the same in the Patel (home sec) bullying case. And the electoral commission is apparently investigating him, although reportedly all they can do is fine the party some few tens of thousands of pounds. But it all counts against Johnson and his suitability as a PM.
To come back to this Penis pillow and the small woman,
I really hope this is really just a quite small woman, although it’s a bit on a barley legal corner as she wears clothes that looks like from a child..
it’s maybe not suitable for work
Black Lightning - season 4, start of episode 1 :

White cops attacking a random black guy for no reason at all.

Those DC shows are soap operas. At some point I couldn't take it anymore and stopped Arrow, The Flash, those Tomorrow Gang, and Batwoman all at once. Bad Lighting is the only one I do watch, but it's testing me regularly.

I want Agent Carter back.