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No surprise from the Daily Heil...
Clearly that is the definition of the limits of europe versus russia. In russia they translate the name 'cringer' while in europe they just pronounce it in a different accent, despite 'cringer' clearly being the nounal form of an english verb.
The biggest Absurbism on this whole Hemann Franchise is that not even his Friends can Tell that he is Prince Adam,
When he is Hemann, he looks exactly the Same, but whit different collor underpants,
Or his friends are that kind, that they know he is prince Adam, but dont tell him so he can feel good in the impression nobody knows that he is Prince Adam..
An animated show is not actual camera footage of the real thing - it's just visually aided storytelling and to lessen our confusion they made his two selves look alike. In reality Prince Adam looks somewhat similar to A.L.F. and He-Man like Obelix.
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Or the other way around - haven't seen the guy(s) in a while.