[2017 REVAMP! 1/5/2017] Aether Lion's Rarities and Oddities [trade/sell]

I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 in decent-ish condition (scratches on the metal sides and on the bit of glass covering the heart rate sensor/camera LED region on the back, but otherwise in good condition thanks to my bumper case) that I'm trying to off if you're still looking for some kind of flagship.
I believe the current market value for a used unit is about equivalent to a new Zenfone 2?
Well honestly I'd rather try to sell it so I can raise funds to buy an Axon 7, but if you're interested in it and if I find something(s) among your stash, perhaps we can trade? Though if I were to trade it away instead of selling it, it'd have to be after I buy the Axon 7...
do you still have the xbox? is it modded software or hardware mod?