[2017 REVAMP! 1/5/2017] Aether Lion's Rarities and Oddities [trade/sell]

Mailman stuffed the vinyls in my tiny mailbox. It was ~95F that day. No fault on @Aether Lion; [snipped by Aether Lion for offensive content that may cause off-topic discussion].

Despite that, records came in good condition and, after a good cleaning (alcohol/ammonia-free screen cleaner>>>>>diluted isopropyl), the only weak point is my ~$40 turntable. Still sounds pretty good.

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Reminds me, I got a flexidisk sent through the mail back in the mid 90s. It's been stored under books ever since, testing it every five years or so to find out if it's playable. About five years I was able to play most of it without the needle jumping off the record, and it's probably time to find it and test it again.

On the other hand, it wasn't a very memorable tune by a not very memorable band, so there's no great rush. My actual ordered records tend to come on 180gram vinyl these days, and come in many layers of corrugated cardboard so even if the postal employee did try to fit it through my letter box they'd only likely damage the corners (though it's always possible they could fold it in half and snap the record, if all the cardboard is aligned and they try really, really hard)

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Wish I had something to trade for that gba. . Mine was stolen years ago... is it an original or sp?

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Which's a fair price for a broken pandora? 200?
To be quite honest I'm not sure. It is working fully in every way, it's just that the LCD cable is frayed and the L button doesn't make sound (but is still SUPER reactive). ED said I could ship it back and he'd the LCD cable for free and pay return shipping but I just can't afford even that small shipping fee. :/