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    The Official, "i've Got Mine" Thread

    Brought a Jap PSP several months ago with Twisted Metal. Tried a few other games but nothing took my interest other than Virtua Tennis and Burnout. Recently upgraded to version 2.00 and purchased GTA:LCS and am loving it to bits.
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    Zelda: Ocarina Of Time And Master Quest.

    For what it's worth I enjoyed The Wind Waker. Looking forward to the next Zelda outing on the Cube. :)
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    Gta : Lcs Is Version 2.00 !!!!! :d

    Damn that's rotten. It'll be worth the wait mate. I've upgraded to v2.00 now and am mightily impressed with GTA:LCS. The controls are a bit iffy but like Twimfy said once you get used to them it's fine.
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    Gta : Lcs Is Version 2.00 !!!!! :d

    I've just purchased GTA:LCS and I need to upgrade to version 2.00. I have a Jap unit so I assume I need the Jap firmware? Where is a reliable place to get the Jap V2.00 firmware? Is trustworthy?
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    Console Or Portable?

    World Of Warcraft on the PC. Followed by PSP.
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    Tired Of 3d Polygonal Games...

    Amen brother!
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    The Sun - Animal Cruity Campaign

    Like most people here I enjoy eating meat. I think if I actually had to kill to eat meat rather than buy it from the local supermarket I’d turn veggie in an instant. There’s no way I could pop into the backyard and slaughter a creature for food. Not unless it was that or starvation (which...
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    Who's Ordered An Xbox360?

    I'd order one immediately if I could afford it. I'm broke though so I'm going have to try and resist buying one on my credit card.
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    Psp Winning Eleven 9 Translation Links?

    How does it play? Does it live up to your expectations guys?
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    Big Fat Donkey Bollocks!!!!!!

    Pfft. And to think I came to this thread to view the aforementioned donkey gonads. What a disappointment.
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    Gpx2 Or Xgp, Which Will You Buy?

    Lol well put. I'm not a fan of the stick either. Too fragile and unresponsive for my liking. If I still played on my GP32 I'd maybe try the stick fix but to be honest when you buy a brand new handheld system should you really need to bodge it to get it to function properly? Gamepark are so...
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    Online Games

    Still addicted to World Of Warcraft - but then I did play Diablo 2 for four years online so I suppose I'm easily pleased.
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    Clicks For Devs - Who Gets The June Money?

    Subtract one from Ryleh and add one to Skeezix. I voted in haste.
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    First Ps3 Pictures

    A safe bet really. Sony could market a turd and it'd sell by the millions.
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    Psp Owners -- Dead Pixels...

    Zero dead pixes on my Jap unit thankfully.
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    A Nice Thread All About The Psp

    Thanks for the reply junker. I've been searching online for Sandisk Memory Stick PRO DUO 1gb cards in the UK and they're sold out in every UK site I've tried (and this is BEFORE the PSP is released here). On a separate note have any of you PSP owners out there got screen protectors on your...
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    Nintendo Ds

    ^ Getting back on topic ...
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    A Nice Thread All About The Psp

    My PSP arrived yesterday and I'm well chuffed with it! I have a question though regarding the storage cards for it. What is the difference between Duo and Duo Pro? Is it just a speed issue? I want to get a bigger card for movies so would I get better performance with a Pro?
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    Nintendo Ds

    ^ Can anybody be bothered to read that crap? I'm in the PSP camp in this "debate" (got mine yesterday) but I still think the DS has potential.