Zelda Appreciation Thread

In these videos, you can see, that the designers just love to make fun of their own fanboys. ^^

When they make a statement to the timeline of "The Legend of Zelda", it's always a confusing one to complicate things, haha.

I guess they are laughing a lot about these theorys, when they make a new game with the generic hero, the generic princess, the generic übersword and the generic demon overlord. :D

Of course they got to have something in the story and design in common, because it's still the same row of games and I enjoy them.

It's a very traditional theme in Europe btw, we got lots of this in our folkstories and it's no surprise, that they are all wearing medieval european clothing (including links Tunika)

and wielding european weapons.



The numbers 3 and 7 are also very common in our mythology

(not in the traditional japanese one, I think?),

which is still reflected in todays Christianity f.e.

BTW: I love this one:

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Thanks to milkshake for starting the thread!  I first played The Legend of Zelda in 1989, and the Zelda series has given me countless hours of enjoyment.

I don't play any Zelda myself so much these days, but I have a tremendous amount of fun watching my 8 year old son playing "Zelda: Link to the Past" on my Pandora.

Just for fun, here's a shot of me with the orignial Zelda on my once-beloved Tapwave Zodiac:

(behind the Zodiac, Zelda is also running on a TV)

BTW, the Zodiac was the greatest hand-held ever before the Pandora. :)
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If I had to pick one series over my life of gaming for my number 1 spot, Zelda would probably take top honors. A really great series, with a TON of great games.

I can still remember getting the early Nintendo Power pamphlet that promoted the first Zelda, and I had little to no interest. My friend Bryan bought it, and called me up the next day ranting and raving about how good it was. Where the Nintendo gold seal never meant much to me where quality was concerned, Bryan's opinion was very close to mine where NES games where concerned, so I took the plunge.

That was the beginning and I've never looked back. Ocarina of Time is probably the best game in the series, but I really loved Link's awakening and the "Oracle" games. I just prefer handheld gaming for some reason. Skyward Sword was actually very good, and I was pleasantly surprised, but the motion controls kept it from perfection.

Wind Waker was my least favorite title in the series, and even that had it's moments of greatness. Zelda is awesome, and I'm looking forward to the new 3DS game in a few weeks.

Wind Waker felt a bit of a damp squib after OoT, but I tend to agree with a lot of the reviews of the recent re-release that it has aged better than most other Legend of Zelda games.

OoT was absolutely astounding on the N64, especially as we didn't have Squaresoft showing us glorious expansive 3d worlds that gen. But it does have some iffy dungeon design and is a little po-faced in places. Wind Waker only looks more glorious compared the the 3D LoZs after it, of course.

Personally I've never got on with the 2D LoZs, and I should stop buying them after getting Zelda 1+2 on the Gamecube collector's disc thing, Oracle of Ages on GBC, LttP and minish cap on the GBA and one of the DS games, and I've completed exactly none of them.
If you never played Zelda which Zelda game is the best game to start with? NES Zelda first?
If you never played Zelda which Zelda game is the best game to start with? NES Zelda first?
Definitely not, because it's harder than others.

I would recommend starting with "Link to the past" (SNES) or "Links Awakening DX" (GBC).

Those may be the best ones anyway besides the awesome "Ocarina of Time" for N64, but I do not know if it's good to begin with this one, because you have to deal with the camera there too.
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OoT was my first one, but I reckon you should start with the 2d ones, as I found it hard to go to them after experiencing a 3d LoZ. SNES LoZ is probably a good bet (also on GBA), or one of the GBC games, as all of them have a good reputation as I recall.
Well, count me in among the Zelda fans.  I recently took advantage of a sale on the 3DS XL in anticipation of playing the new game on it.  I haven't picked up the game yet, but I will.  It's really the biggest reason I bought the system (though I'm also hearing that there are quite a few other good games on it).  I'm going through some of the old Zelda games that I want to redo, or that I never got to first, though I may break down and play the new one out of order.
I just got the new Zelda for 3DS as well.

I am waiting to finish Link's Awakening on the Pandora before I open it though.

Self control. ^_^

( I should also beat the Oracle of * games before I play it but I'm just too excited.)