Translation help needed for Zelda Solarus DX

Yeah I,ve saw it, and that's ok as I, sometimes, do mistakes and do not see them...

Anybody which wants to team up : PM me!
I would have helped on it cause with KageNoSensei we did the translation of Zelda Solarus XD, but I have no news of Kage and next week I'll be on holdiday.

And Hi Christopho ! :)
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I have great news for you: the dialog file you are working on is now obsolete :)

But don't worry, it's really good news.

The ini syntax was too hard to maintain and translate. When translating into another language, the number of lines may change. You needed to separate explicitely the dialogs in groups of 3 lines and to set up their succession manually. This was very, very tedious and error prone. So I have changed the syntax of dialog files in the development version of the git repository. The modification will take effect in the next release (solarus 0.9.1 for the engine and zsdx 1.4 for the game).

The new syntax is specified here: It's in Lua (but you don't have to learn anything). Lua is a scripting language also suited for describing data, including big data files. But you don't care, you don't have to know Lua. You just have to translate the "text" part of each dialog.

A dialog can now have any number of lines and the engine takes care of splitting them in groups of 3 lines for the dialog box. Translating dialogs will be much less painful.

As an example, see the updated French dialogs: It's now straightforward to translate a dialog.

I initially wanted to make this improvement before the first release of the game, but I was in a hurry to finish the game. Sorry I did not do that sooner. I did not expect people would start translating the game so shortly after the release ;) Thanks again for your work.

What you did so far is obviously not lost. A conversion script is available in the repository (in tools/data_files_conversion/) to convert existing dialogs to the new format. To use it, type lua dialogs_0.9.0_to_0.9.1 < dialogs.dat > dialogs.lua.
Great job! It was in the back of my mind all along why the previous method was used, but I'm glad you improved it.(haha, it also obsoletes my python script to break apart the lines.)

EDIT: ok, conversion done! Hope everything is sane. It seems there were duplicate entries I had to delete. Also, I don't think I saw three sets of bottles and the french one in the repo has 4. Might need to check things are ok.
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Moved dialog file from since webmaster explained the site isn't yet set up to be used for real etherpad usage.(just development)

New link is in the post with the rest of the pad links.
I'm french and i have done some translation on wikipedia, openstreetmap wiki, GP2x wiki... but i have no time actualy (Zelda skyward, personnal life, work...) to contribute to this project sorry. Maybe later if this project is style alive ^^
In the last git version, I made a nice script that checks dialogs and translations. It's in tools/quest_validator/validator.lua in the git repository. It takes as paramater the quest file to check: lua validator.lua ../../quests/zsdx.

This validator does the following:

- It reads the list of languages from data/languages/languages.lua, so this file should enable the English language. (Previously this file it was a .dat file, I have changed the syntax to Lua because Lua data files are so easy to load and check from Lua scripts).

- For each language, it loads and checks the dialogs, and for translated languages, checks that the id and properties of dialogs respect the original language.

Strings (of the strings.dat file) are not checked yet but it's less important than dialogs. Eventually, the validator will check all data files and their interactions, including sprites, maps, enemies, items, dialogs, etc.).

By the way, maybe it's me, but I can't find your dialog file from the links in the previous page.
Hi all. I've been following the progress of this game for a while and I figured I should help :) I am American and speak French fluently. I lived in France and went to school there as well. I would love to help translate if you would allow me to help. Just point me in the right direction and I'll get started on it right away :) I've got plenty of free time on my hands.
I have greatly updated the file, since pages 1 to 49 are translated. The bad news is I did the easiest part of the job : translating all the contextual actions. The intro is translated as well though, and some dialogues. I'll try to update this file daily, I'm happy to do this on my own, but anyone is free to help of course.

I added a text string for the credits, since credits_5 is not used, it adds my name for the English localization. Since I do not know exactly who translated the first part of the file, I didn't include any other name. You are more than welcome to add yours if you have participated in any way.

I'm using text dumps from other Zelda games as a reference (mainly for all the contextual part), here is the link if you are interested :

Zelda Legends Text Dumps

I am working on this offline, and unfortunately I haven't been able to update the file on Google Docs, so I'm attaching the latest translation to this post.


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Thanks for your work!

For the credits: I will add a dialog to mention people who contributed to all translations. But it's too early to add a "credits_5" dialog now. Instead, I suggest we make a comment to keep track of the contributors. We should make a comment at the beginning of the file, and every contributor should add his name. (I can't do it alone because I'm not sure who contributed.)

I had problems too with Google Docs too. When trying to copy-paste the whole dialog file from my disk to Google Docs, it never works for me. I had to copy-paste it in small steps… We are at least two to have problems.

Can we use something else than a web interface for the collaborative editing? Like gobby (I can set up the server) or directly the solarus git repository?

EDIT: okay, I have created a gobby document. The server is (with the default gobby port) and you will find the last version of the dialog file there. Looks like it works much better than web interfaces. But you must download the gobby client if you don't have it : (Gobby is a collaborative text editor, just like etherpad).
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