Zelda Appreciation Thread


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May 18, 2009
Rotherham, UK
A few weeks ago I completed The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the past on my Pandora and more recently I have started to play Twilight Princess on my wii.

This got me thinking about my gaming lineage and I am quite confident that of all the games I have played the Zelda Series as a whole has had the biggest impact on me in terms of sheer enjoyment and emotional connection to the characters in the games.
I cant explain how proud I am to have been raised on such a magical franchise (Thank you so much Shigeru Miyamoto!).

Being part of the generation that experienced one of (if not) the greatest game ever made Ocarina of Time the first time around really humbles me (I still have my original copy :D ).

I can't fully explain exactly why I rate this series so high, but I can attempt to break it down into 3 basic blocks.

  • Story
    Magical, Believable, Classic, Simple (Good versus Evil)
[*]Game Play
  • Great mechanics, puzzles and controls 
[*]Sound Track
  • By Far the most memorable, lovable music of any series

There are lots of great Zelda tracks and I have a few favourites that I like to listen to, but I thought I would leave one here for you to listen to... those that have completed a link to the past hopefully will have an amazing appreciation for this track.


Please share your Zelda appreciation here too!

How does it make you feel, why do you enjoy it, what music you like best?
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Love it! Love the music, love the characters, love the story, love the pointy ears! Zeldaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

That is all.
Oh I'm definitely taking part in this thread. As I've said before, I'll take a new Zelda 74 over a new franchise on all other consoles/PC any day, and as much as I am annoyed at remakes, I can't ever seem to avoid any Ocarina of Time re-re-re-rerelease that gets put out on every Nintendo console since N64, easily my most memorable game I ever had the pleasure to experience. For god's sake, this series got me to enjoy motion gaming....helps when you have a Zelda soundtrack in Orchestrated format, but still. With the upcoming Zelda title to the 3DS, I am nothing but excited with anticipation.
Without doubt, The Legend Of Zelda series includes some of my favourite games of all time.

Only people that don't play the Zelda games moan that they are all similar and just rehashes. They haven't got a clue. Let them enjoy their CODs, FIFAs or whatever - I'd be happy to play a new Zelda game (or more!) every year for the  rest of my life.

I'm itching to get my hands on the soon to be released 3DS game and hoping that an updated Majora's Mask will find it's way onto 3DS some time next year (it's been hinted at so many times) - you only have to look at the shop screenies of "A Link Between Worlds" to see that Majora IS coming...


Nintendo did teaser posters for Skyward Sword in The Ocarina Of Time for 3DS. There's even a Majora's Mask item in "Animal Crossing; New Leaf"

In all honesty, I purchased my WiiU for Pikmin3 and the next Zelda game(s). Anything else that gets released on the system is just a bonus. To me they are that worthy.
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I saw my friend play zelda 2 on the nes when I was about 10 or 11,  The first zelda that I owned was a link to the past, I got it for one of my birthdays (possibly 13th) - been hooked ever since.

I'm so glad they don't provide full voice acting (doing so would probably take some magic away), I like the fact that you use your imagination to give the characters life. To put it into context for the more modern gamers it would be like getting Master Cheif to take his helmet off (this wouldn't be cool as it would take something away from the game).
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I'm one of those whose not given the more recent incarnations of Zelda much love [not as much as I probably should have]

I played a lot of Legend Of Zelda, The Adventure Of Link, A Link To The Past ... during the early 90's on the old NES, me and a mate put a lot of time into those.

Not really played the games on newer systems though, apart from one of them on the Wii, Link's Crossbow Training.

I feel I need to get immersed into another game in the series, perhaps the new one on Wii U
The first I got was "Link to the past" (SNES) and I may have finished it about 10 times by now.

It was my second game for SNES.

Links Awakening (GB) followed, then "Ocarina of Time" (N64) and later on I played through Zelda 1+2 (NES), Minish Cap (GBA), "Phantom Hourglass" (NDS)

and every one of them was fun. Next one will be "Spirit Tracks", since I got my own DS by now.

Great series, I even got this for free from a complete stranger along with some games for PC which are also quite hard to get:



Yes, it's the japanese one,

no, i won't sell it. :)
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I feel I need to get immersed into another game in the series, perhaps the new one on Wii U
I wouldn't suggest windwaker as the one to get you back into the newer zelda's (although it again is an amazing game).

I would suggest Ocarina of time, then maybe windwaker - the issue with windwaker is there is alot of time sailing around. the story and gameplay are brilliant though and the graphics and dungeons :D
Not to be a killjoy, but shouldn't this thread be in Other Consoles?
Not to be a killjoy, but shouldn't this thread be in Other Consoles?
What other handheld can play Zelda 1+2 (NES), 3 (SNES), 4 (GB), 5+6 (N64), 7+8 (GBC), 10+11 (GBA) and 14+15 (NDS)?

OpenPandora is kind of a Zelda-machine with some freeware Zeldas in addition. ^^
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Well said milkshake!  I hope in the near future Nintendo will remake all the Zelda games in 3D for the Nintendo 3DS.  That would be the ultimate collection for me.  I would love to replay all Zelda games with another added dimension on the 3DS.  That would just be magical :)
What other handheld can play Zelda 1+2 (NES), 3 (SNES), 4 (GB), 5+6 (N64), 7+8 (GBC), 10+11 (GBA) and 14+15 (NDS)?

OpenPandora is kind of a Zelda-machine with some freeware Zeldas in addition. ^^
Hmmm, fair comment, I suppose.
:D exactly! now as punishment @pmprog you must give us your zelda appreciation!
Well, the only time I've ever owned a Zelda game was on the Wii so I could install the Homebrew Channel, I tried the game for a bit, but it wasn't my thing. I never played it back in the day, and it doesn't strike me as something I'd play now.
@pmprog, I feel kinda sorry for you that you didn't experience this game when you were growing up or even now, you should give it a second chance :D start with a link to the past.
I already have a ton of games I bought but not completed or even started (in most cases). Meant to be doing a blind speed run (speedrun without playing or even really seeing the game first) with foxblock on Hotline Miami, but we've not done it yet.

Maybe sometime in the future... but doubtfully
Yay Zelda! \o/

BTW, if anyone here hasn't yet for some reason played the GB/GBC Zeldas I can recommend them. They are quite often left in the shadow of other entries in the series.