You emailed me an expired/used voucher code.

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I placed the order. Like I said before, if I had been informed that shipping would be $65, than I probably would've balked at the purchase(s). Normally these type of world-wide shipping deals to the USA are around $20~ish...usually less. Also, I did say that I never got any emails over the course of several months (since I paid for the items in mid- </Cutting the rest of the bullshit.>

Still one of the classiest Moderators on the intertubes. Profanity and a mocking video. Nice.
I think that is why I will never be a mod here, I would be way worse. Moderators only fill that capacity when they are doing those things. The rest of the time they are just like every other asshole. I would rather have real people that are truly involved in the discussions.
you can rub someone the wrong way all the time, or everyone the wrong way some of the time, but you can't rub everybody the wrong way all the time.

This will reduce the costs by 32 EUR, which means you will have 30 EUR shipping costs left, I'll cover the remaining payment.

also know there's a bit of a language barrier. ED does his best in English (much better than i would in German), but the equivalent in German (based on expectations/connotations/etc.), would probably be clear that ED was covering "the remaining payment" of the shipping costs, not the remaining payment of your whole order. as others have said, ED still needs to make money with his business in order to keep moving forward (and make a Pyra), and shipping from China is the only thing that seems to be free (or almost free), due to government-subsidized shipping.

also, squeeky wheel gets the grease, but the way to go about being squeeky is a bit different in Europe vs. America... it's easy to get frustrated over some of the cultural/communication differences, but it's a good learning experience. (speaking from experience, having lived in Amsterdam for a bit.)
All I know is I frequently want to kick American squeaky wheels in the skull. Screaming in a store and not letting the person that is trying to fix the problem speak doesn't solve anything. Or general insults and such.
Still one of the classiest Moderators on the intertubes. Profanity and a mocking video. Nice.
You've been trying all the right things, and I believe you meant it all with good intentions. However sometimes our actions can be taken not how we expect, or can rub people up the wrong way.

An important lesson is learning how to resolve disputes with a little bit of discretion, consistency and patience, and not simply by lashing out. The more others understand the reasons for vitriol and angst, rather than the effects of it, then the more positive and forthcoming the support should be.
Thank you Michael/ED. You came through and delivered me a great device yesterday. Thank you. The GPD Win is an amazing device.

Here is where I eat some crow or get some syrup poured allover me...Either way, I'm a happy customer AGAIN and will melt away... My temper tantrum was probably not necessary, I should've waited for you to figure things out I guess. I'm sure that you would've figured out things if I hadn't made a point about it. I was wrong.

Any Moderator who is available to close this thread is okay to do so. P E A C E
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