1Ghz units from you?


Oct 23, 2009
It seems that there are only about 30 units left so I will start another thread.

Is there any way to order one from you? My two emails were not answered yet, neither did I receive an update mail (i preodered my pandora Oct 09)

You will also be able to preorder full units from me within the next week.

Just didn't have time to set that up yet.

And everyone in my preorder queue: You'll receive an email soon about how to upgrade if you ordered from me.

And MasterJulian and everyone else who sent me a mail:

Don't worry, you won't be forgotten, I just didn't fnd the time for emails yet.
To me it pretty much seems that we were forgotten :(

PS: I already started a similar thread a while ago but it so never answered and eventually got deleted.
No worries, you don't have been forgotten, I reserved enough units and I'll send the mail as soon as I find time.
Awesome what a relief.

I almost freaked when I read this morning that all units are gone and I didn't get one although I ordered one almost a month ago.