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Apr 4, 2012

After receiving an email from OpenPandora asking me to make the outstanding payment for my pre-ordered unit, I completed the transaction through Paypal, and received an email from them confirming the payment had been sent (this is confirmed on my credit card statement). As yet I have received NO contact from anyone at OpenPandora to confirm payment has been received at your end.

I responded to the initial email from on 30/03/2012 requesting confirmation.

Upon receiving no reply, I emailed on 03/04/2012.

I have been following your progress on the blog, and I appreciate you guys are busy getting units ready to ship, but taking the time to at least acknowledge payments of significant sums of money from customers would be a no brainer. And I'm absolutely thrilled that I have to discuss this on an open forum board. Let the flaming commence.

In the meantime, can someone please confirm my funds are not currently resting in the Caymans?

Thank you

Jim McCafferty
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Same here i have literally just paid Via Paypal.

from what i have read, Ed is swamped with a back log of emails. but he says on the forums he is trying to keep up.

i agree with you a small brief mail saying that OpenPadora has received payment and your unit is awaiting postage would be a small nugget of relief.
I'll check that.

Since a few days ago, I sent final payment confirmation eMails, it might be you were one or two days before I started doing that.

Usually with PayPal, you get a transaction number- which basically your payment confirmations.

No banks are involved here, so usually, nothing can go wrong.

That is why I didn't do it before ;)
Hi EvilDragon,

Thanks for following up the thread. I acknowledge the Paypal confirmation is a receipt in itself and does offer some consumer protection. It does effectively acknowledges the payment was sent somewhere (thankfully with the reference OPENPANDORA - which offers some comfort that the money itself has been sent somewhere relevant).

What it does not do however is confirm your organisation has acknowledged receipt of payment, has identified the correct pre-order account or acknowledged that payment has been credited against the order.

Anyone who follows the blog posts will appreciate there uncertainties associated with shipping timelines due to the many challenges faced, but in my own personal opinion there should be a certain briskness relating to payment transactions - particularly considering the sums of money involved.

Your confidence is reassuring - but a little bit of dull formality (in relation to the confirmations) would be a welcome opening gambit for some of us who aren't yet fully committed members of the fanclub!

Thanks for the swift response


P.S. Thanks for your update too MattMan.
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I have this problem also and it is been over a week.

I've sent mail even today, and i paid through wire transfer.

Please respond to my e-mails, I only want to know if you received the money and everything is alright.

For future use you can put like a ticket system so we get responses and everybody is in a queue.(just a thought)
As said: All final payments should receive a confirmation within 1 - 1,5 weeks

Bank Transfers can take up to 5 workdays, depending where you are living, and as we have easter holidays right now, no payments will arrive until Tuesday.

Don't worry, we'll get everything sorted out.

When asking for your payment, ALWAYS reply to the mail you got asking for the final payment, as I check this eMail address more often than others.
OK got the payment confirmation(Thank you for that ED it really reassures me that my money are there), but i didn't get a response for the shipping yet. This will happen anytime soon? I'm asking because i'm in a new city with different language and I want to know when the package was sent, just to estimate when is it going to come.

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You'll receive a message shortly before your Pandora is finished and the final payment should be done.

At this time, you can decide whether you want to change your address or not.
At this time, you can decide whether you want to change your address or not.

If it's that from Bulgaria it's all right.

I was asking because I saw something in the mailbox in Bulgarian language(this morning), it was from the post office, and i translated it today(minutes ago) and it wasn't for me :huh: somebody put it there by mistake(but i actually was thinking that the PANDORA has arrived :rolleyes: ).

I hope I don't get overexcited :wub: .
Ok, now i'm starting to get worried...don't get me wrong but is the 1st of may and i didn't received any news about the status of my order...i can see now why people from 2008 get frustrated.

You have to mail people, no matter how you do it, you have to keep in touch with them.At least here i can get relief because is a forum, but I want to know if my mails are reaching you.
I am sending out status emails once a month, usually around the 5th - 10th.

When your unit is ready, you'll receive the Final Payment mail.

Once your payment is here, usually within 5-7 days you'll receive the confirmation that your unit will be despatched shortly.

Then you'll receive a mail from DHL / UPS with your tracking number.

If any questions occur, you can simpy reply to the order status mail which goes to

Normally, you get a reply within 7 days if you sent to that mail address.

What exactly are you missing?

I don't really want to send out weekly automatic status mails to everyone and spam their mailboxes with that...
Well, I now see the error of my ways, don't judge someone for the mistake of others. The package was sent on 23rd of April and it was received by the Bulgarian post office on the 25th of April, and I had to go to them because they have lousy postmen and cannot deliver a notification. I had to spend 2 hours talking to a lady with poor English skills. I will go this afternoon to the post office where it arrived and take it from there.

Thanks and sorry for all the whining.
I have the PANDORA in my hands now and i declare myself satisfied :rolleyes: . Thank you ED...this comes from another satisfied customer.
I have the same issue as the initial post in this thread - I have been paying through Paypal for about 2 weeks now, and while I remained patient there was no confirmation email. I'd appreciate some news from ED. I sent 2 emails as a reminder but I guess he is flooded. It would be great to have someone helping him out for these kind of things.

Anyway, I am still waiting for the confirmation message...
As said: I usually trigger the status updates about once a month (around the 10th), so if you ordered two weeks ago, you didn't get anything yet :)

I was thinking about including a notification into my system, so that it will send an eMail once your preorder-amount changes... maybe I'll do this soon, however, as it looks like, we're probably selling off stock soon, so no need for the preorder ritual anymore ;)
Hi Ed

I just received my ups tracking info :)

I did ask for the delivery address to be changed..

Is there still time. I can't do it myself, think you have to do it ( if you can )

I sent the address again in the reply to my ups detail email :)

Hope you can change it before delivery.

There isn't a ups depot close to collect :(


Hi Ed I just received my ups tracking info :) I did ask for the delivery address to be changed.. Is there still time. I can't do it myself, think you have to do it ( if you can ) I sent the address again in the reply to my ups detail email :) Hope you can change it before delivery. There isn't a ups depot close to collect :( Thanks Darren

Uhh... That's not good man, if you've been sent a UPS tracking number, then your package has been sent, and that's the number they were given when it was sent. AFAIK. Hopefully I'm wrong though.
Yeah. Going to have to hope that they don't try and deliver during the hour that my wife is out..

Sods law pending......

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You can change the delivery address with UPS once an unsucessful delivery attempt has been made.

You usually get a notice in your mailbox, can call them up and give them a new address or allow them to deliver it to your neighbour.

Just follow tracking and contact them once you see a delivery attempt has been made (as sometimes the delivery guy is too lazy forgets to put a notice in your mailbox.