Xbox 360 Live Casual Games



I don't have 360, since I'm too lazy to keep trying and too cheap to pay ebay price. However, I saw funny thing with my friend who took advantage of his "retail connection" to purchase his 360. His favorite game on 360 has been Geometry War which he downloaded from Live marketplace. It's a casual game that can be made for GBA, but on 360 they went crazy with graphical features. My friend keeps pointing out that the game is running in HiRez. Sure, you need HDTV to enjoy Bejeweled. :D

Anyway, my point is something else. He paid like $6 for his Bejeweled2, another overkill for 360. And, I think, that price point and the kind of games that you can get would actually greatly appeal to casual gamers.

I'll be super picky about $60 games, but for $6, I'll download new games every day. I'm sure that I'll be playing Bejeweled (or whatever one of those kinds) long after I'm done with $60 games years after I got them.

Who knows, it could be the 360's greatest secret weapon.
my favorite game for the xbox 360 is geometry wars as well (although i don't own one, i have played it at my friends for quite some time). The other xbox 360 games look really nice initially but after the shock wears off they really don't have anything over the current generation. If this is microsofts "secret weapon" they are really screwed. It's a great service, but when people are looking at the next-gen systems they aren't going to buy the 360 because it has downloadable arcade games;)
at my office, just about all that ANYONE plays is geometry wars (and the marble game)
maybe it is saying something about the state of things in this industry.. what types of games people actually want to play!!