Who Would Want A Homeworld Pandora Port?

Not sure exactly what it is (a 3dimensional RTS?) But it looks kinda cool and I would definatley use it! :p
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spoilers alert >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

think of the last Sci-Fi movie you watched, now imagine you dictate the action and can follow it up close with your camera, enemies come from above and below as well as the side, ships sweep through space leaving plasma trails as exhaust, shots ricochet off armour, ships trail smoke when damaged, enemies (and your ships) explode, fighters have to return to mothership or backup supply vessels to refuel/rearm, asteroids get in the way/supply resources, attack waves home in on your mothership, aliens befriend you/ sell you gear, you build up a fleet of ships, navigate space back to the homeworld, fight off the evil empire etc , rather like a DIY movie, I loved it, played for months.

end spoiler

its a cool rts in space (so you get attacked from all angles...hence 3d rts) with pretty graphics, much like watching a movie at times...homeworld two would have been pretty good but they kept switching to cut scenes as often as every 5 seconds, (you hadn`t finished selecting your response to one warning and the next unskipable cut scene started) it was so annoying I couldn`t force myself to play it for more than a hour, then gave up, plus they borked the cool intuitive interface in order to make it look like they had actualy done something to it since Homeworld 1, they should have left it alone, if it ain`t broke then don`t mend it.
I'd love a port of Homeworld, that would be awesome
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Won't we also get homeworld:cateclysm as well since it is pratically the same engine?

also even if the SW port works fine... the opengl renderer will probably look much better I have ran homeworld in SW Directx and opengl mode the latter two look much better and the pandora could probably handle a few new effects too with all the shader HW
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I would definitely play a Homework port! :) Homeworld SDL never worked for me due to some library differences, and WINE didn't let me have sound... It's been a while since I've played.

I miss you, Homeworld!
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Who would want a Homeworld port?


seriously tho, I don't know why one wouldn't. I'd certainly love a port!
Butterman you are god right now ;]

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I've just received SVN access, 45mb of code.

It's really good code too, really clean. I like it.
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Homeworld was one of those games I always meant to play but didn't. A Pandora version would be great as I would definaely find time to play it at work during luchbreaks etc.

Go for it Butterman :)
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