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Dec 6, 2008
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Here are some of my hopefuls. Additionally, post the games you'd like to see and maybe some extra foot notes just for fun!

Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
I take my xbox everywhere i go just so i can play this game, not having to lug around a black box shaped ball n' chain to satisfy my addiction would be a major convenience. [EDIT: morrowind can be on pandora!]

Come on, we all want it. Lan games via the Wifi would be pretty awesome as well. Too bad it lacks an open source. (get it? like open mind?)

Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries
Because Mech battles in the palm of your hand would rock.

This game rocked the space rts world til homeworld 2 released, and the developers released the source for it, this should definitely hit Pandora

Counter Strike 1.6
Not CS:source , the original. it actually should be possible really. again, lan games over the wifi would be a sweet feature. and keep the bots. No source code, but i still want it.

Mortal Kombat 4
Oh wait, thats coming along the n64 emu isn't it?

DooM 3
Ok, so this is bound to happen, particularly when id releases its source code in a few months.

Crayon Physics
Google it, this game could make perfect use of the touchscreen

Really good worms clone, definitely want this game.

Insanely addicting fixed perceptive racing game with the ability to create your own cars and tracks. Despite being freeware, the source code has not been released, as far as i no.

Here's a list a open sourced games you may want to check out.

(ok, so some of the game listed are not open source. so what, never underestimate the power of hackers, there are magically you know.)
player4 said:

Maybe you should learn to read the WHOLE post next time?
EDIT:It's just the list of games he wishes to play on p&|a :). You can always wish...
SEGA's Cybertroopers Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram

no, not the "On Marz" which is a totally dumbed down version to the uber speed of Oratorio Tangram. This is originally Dreamcast/Naomi game, so if my hope for playable DC emulator hits the pavement, I want it.
Shining the Holy Ark and Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean

These two are, IMHO, the pinnicle of Oldschool RPGs. If it weren't for the fact my cd's are too worn for use and the faact I don't want to pay a good $80 for a single game, I'd still be playing them on my Saturn console.
I'd like to see Wind Waker and twilight Princess! (A guy can dream, can't he?)
I'd like to see these games on the Pandora

Red Alert 1
Quake III
Half-Life 1
Counter-Strike 1.6
Halo (mod for Quake 1)
Frets on Fire
Streets of Rage 2
Death Rally

and many more I've forgotten but thats the bread and butter of it for me.
Tyrian or Tyrian 2000 (Old school shooter now open source i think?!?!)
Step mania (A dance dance revolution DDR clone for PC, i’m sure this is open source)
StarCraft! StarCraft! StarCraft! And maybe some games from like Marble Blast Online!
You know, they tried putting starcraft on the DS and it worked (I played it) but the developers let the whole world known which included Blizzard which wasn't too happy about it so the developers were forced to erase all links to the files and stop development. Maybe we can take a shot at it for Pandora (If we keep our mouths shut.)

Anyways, I'd have to second Mech Warrior.

I'd also like to see Freespace on it (think about playing it at night time in the palm of your hand. (PEW PEW!)

Seeing Return to Castle Wolfenstein would also be nice:

And CS1.6

And Worms 2
I m pretty sure that I will come up with a halo clone if no-one else does one day. I have been a long time halo player and also modded it alot and know some of the inner workings. My 96k game from Breakpoint shaped into something which you could almost call a "halo 1" clone gameplay and physics wise. It just feels like the original and I doubt that it is too hard to get it even more like original halo.
I probably wouldn't do it alone though (I can do models and textures too but thats too much work for one person if I would re-create the most important content) and I usually have tons of projects at once so its nothing which would start before 2010 (if the Pandora is out by then ;) ).