Where are the 1GHz Pandoras...?

This is a chrysalis of yellow swallowtail butterfly...

I am excited to see them coming out as I am excited to receive my Pandora!

I am wondering which one will show up first !

someone teach me english

Well, the first lesson would be, that we have no idea what you mean with butterfly's :)

I know what a butterfly is, but i dont understand the context, the rest was understandable however.
My guess: Vivien is referring to a possible event in the near future, namely when the pupa of the yellow swallowtail butterfly will open and the imago emerges. And another event, the Pandora arriving. And is asking her?self, which event might be the first to witness. Rather poetic, then. In fact, those adult butterflies can emerge the chrysalis all around the year except winter, so which will be first probably depends on how hard one looks... good luck, though.
excuse me ,but i couldn't up my picture.

in my home there are 3 chrysalis of yellow swallowtail butterfly

Usually, butterfly come to my garden.

i could up my picture only message.but this board i couldn't up.

I usually use safari, and sometimes use firefox. how to up my picture.

i couldn't find attach the file boton.
for all the german/european customers who are wondering why units get delivered faster to non-european customers:

ed had to wait for the new boxes from craig. but they are on their way now, so ed will most probably start shipping units on thursday :)
As someone on Craig's queue for a 1GHz Pandora .... I was wondering in light of current constraints whether that could be converted to a pre-order for the P2.

I am very happy with my original unit and paid for the 1GHz as much to support the situation as because of the shiny new toy... and this option would help relieve the current situation!
I don't think it would be wise to make ANY kind of preorder mechanism for P2 right now.
Compared to the original Pandora pre-order credit card, paypall, cashier's check, bank holding funds and all - the ICP2 Kickstarter went extremely smooth.

Comparing the two - I would kind of expect the guys to do the P2 on a Kickstarter. That said, I doubt we'd even see the Kickstarter until well into 2013.