Facebook login


Mar 8, 2012

Couple of days ago I wanted to create an account here, and I saw the possibility of logging in using my Facebook account. As I really dislike creating new accounts for sites (I have too many of them already), I attempted to do that.

And then I saw what this forum requires to login (among other usual stuff): Posting on Facebook under my name (status changes, notes, pictures and movies). Well, I am not going to let any company to do that, and I don't think this needs much explanation why :) . And I think most people wanting to register here would share my point of view.

I suppose this is a mistake that noone checked while enabling FB login feature (because I don't see why you would want to post anything on behalf of other people), so I am just pointing it out :)
Interesting observation. I make it a point never to let Facebook touch anything outside Facebook or a random website here and there. I do wonder how many others share my thoughts there. I get annoyed even by those FB things you see on some sites where it shows your friends' most recent activity. Really, FB? If I want to know something about my friends on FB, I think I'll just, I dunno... go to Facebook for it?

oops... getting carried away. Anywho, thanks for pointing that out. :lol: