What Do People Do For A Living?


Apr 5, 2003
Newport, Wales, UK
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Hiya all,

Was just looking in the Dev forum, and someone asked about what people are doing. I'd like to take this oppertunity to do the same, but to everyone on the forum. What do people here do for a living? Are you still in school? Do you like what you do? Have you got any ambitions?

Just curious!

I'm a Technical Analyst / Network Engineer. I do all sorts of stuff, but a lot of it is Cisco-based networking. I do the Voice side of things too - just getting into Cisco Voice Over IP and Internet telephony.

What about you lot?
I think we had this topic lately... but well, my job changed anyway. I am no longer a soldier, I am now unemployed. I now wait for october to finally go to university for..... angewandte Informatik, whatever that might be in english ;)
Analyst programmer for an Underwriting(insurance) firm in London
Program in C#, COBOL, Sql Server, VB and use SELECT modelling tools for design (which i hate as its so bloody time consuming and id rather be programming than sitting there making diagrams and writing specifications) :rolleyes:
Im a student doing BTEC National Diploma In Computing, the worst course ever; the only redeeming features are that I have made lots of friends. Anyways when I passed I was gonna go to uni and do something in computing (preferably programming), but things happened and I had to re-evaluate my life; im sick of education. So im gonna get a job and see how things go.
My day job is Technical Architect for a utilities company.

In reality that means my job sits somewhere between Axeman’s and Skysnapper’s with a lot of time spent on overall strategy/security/design stuff.

The big + side is I get to play with LOADS of interesting stuff but the downsides are 50+ hour weeks ;).
Yeah the prospect of my gcse's is freaking me out + i've done no revision escept for 7 science papers over these 2 weeks :( plan 2 do 2 maths papers 2morrow / 2day + then revision the rest of the week ( i'm sure this is going 2 happen :/ ) Its around now i always start programming again........ / playing more counterstrike
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Phil posted on Apr 12 2004 at 11:26 AM said:

at all.

i am a student.

Meant to be doing a masters in archaeology though... :unsure:

Did my BSc in Archaeological Conservation.

Afterwards, I did conservation of Egyptian Mummies (If you drop into Norwich Castle museum at any time, you can take a look at my handywork), Time Team (UK TV show) and work on a Romano Celtic 3rd Century boat....

Then ended up as a Technical Analyst!


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I'm a High School student with aspirations of becoming a computer programmer (In the summer I plan to start learning C++). I took one of those personality tests at school to see what kind of jobs I would be suited for and computer programmer came up. I also then took a skills test to see what kind of jobs I would have the skills for, and guess what? Computer programmer came up again. I also think that it would be cool career. I think it's perfect for me. My friend who goes to UC Riverside said that he took some computer programming classes for like a week and said they were hella hard and that a computer programmer would be hella hard, but then afterwards he said that I would be perfect for it.
I'm a student at Bournemouth Uni studying Applied Geography, although I'm changing courses to Media Communication...I'm too good at geog to make it interesting any more.