What are you playing this weekend/these days?

In today’s edition of “JD actually plays video games sometimes?”, I actually played the first ToeJam and Earl for about two hours yesterday. Made it to level 22 with nine out of ten rocket ship parts before finally kicking the bucket. And yes, I used the level zero cheat once. It wouldn’t be there if they didn’t want you to use it.
Had quite some Playing Time the last 2 Weeks whit the Steamdeck

Im just at the first Map, and startet whit some Mod Trucks, they even got a Unimog like whe have (i made a Video), but ditnt got far..

Aperture Desk Job
A short Game, meant as a Tutorial for the Steamdeck Controlls, Funny, but i though it would teach more than that..

Black Mesa
The Half Live 1 Remake, got only until the Incidence where they opened the portal to the ZEN World, not bad, and plays quite good..

Euro Truck Simulator 2
This was the Game i played the most, i have now 2 Driver Employes, 3 MAN Trucks, and a Garrage in Mannheim, its a great Game on the Deck, works good whit the Controlls, allthough you have to put some of the Truck Features on Automatic, ... and there is a Internet Radio Feature, where i play like my Truck Radio only got National Receptions, so i have par explemple hear French Radio Station when im in French, but also something like Hungary Radio Stations ^^

Farming Simulator 22
Also whit Mods, i found out how to put in external Mods, as the Internal Mod Manager only got Mods where Giants Software got Licences for the Brands, but i found a few Unimogs and put them as zip Files in the "dlc" folder of the Game and it worked at least for a overpowered U400, a cool but a bit under powered U425 , and a quite nice U401/411 (25/35 HP), i testet some Gameplay, mowed some gras and i think i will make a "Oldtimer" Gameplay whit the U411 and some Old Traktors on the Swiss Map, sadly this Game ditnt got usefull Mirrors on the PC, i dont know why, maybe its because of the Steamdeck? But ETS and Snowrunner got Mirrors working..

Then i startet some Emulator Stuff
The Legend of Zelda, The Wind Waker (Gamecube via Dolphin Emulator)
Looks quite cool whit the Cell Shading Toon Link and so on, quite cool Musik but the first real Dungeon is a Stealth Mission Dungeon, and i dont like Stealth in Games, but i will play me throught as the Game is quite cool ^^ Worked also good, only a few Slowdowns on some parts..
I've never found stealthy zelda missions to be anything as complex as Metal Gear Solid stealth missions. I can't remember the first wind waker dungeon myself, but I don't remember it being nearly as frustrating as I find the Metal Gear Solid games.
I went back to mmo ffxi lately but ive been thinking recently im 49 and i got my vic 20 41 years ago and i played mgs when ps1 came out and its been awhile since the last mgs game came out ( i know kojima)and it's been awhile since the last final fantasy game came out as in 15 which took a shit ton of time to come out, im starting to think i wont see the end of mgs saga, it will last longer than I which makes me think why botherif you wont see the end and conclusion

They remake films all for the worse mostly and games are heading that way as well

long live the pyra and pandora and all the others, dont get hooked on series they might out live you and how sucky would that be ... fecking mgs
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I just hope Donald Knuth gets to finish writing his books. We don't want an incomplete programmer's bible, do we. Such things only lead to religion.
I love the feeling of sneaking. and secretly watching.
I think it's Noone Lives Forever that has very entertaining conversations and monologues you can listen to while sneaking. Always felt rewarding not to go in guns blazing so you could enjoy the writing.

Finished Syberia 1, 2 and 3 over the last few days. tl;dr: 3 is made for console, has bad controls and doesn't respect the player's time.

While 3 looks leagues better with its fully 3D rendered surroundings, I enjoyed the first two games more. Mostly due to 3's terrible controls, which have been designed for controllers and badly adapted to mouse. I ended up controlling the character with the cursor keys. It's also buggy in a few places and in the UI generally. It has a few bad texts in the English version, dunno which language is the original one here. A few situations require superfluos running around for just one line of text from a character to advance with what you already knew what to do next. Generally the areas feel to big for the little interaction there is within them. It feels to drawn out for the few puzzles that are there. While you can sprint, and surely will want to most of the time, you character will only walk if you click on a door or item . So you' learn to sprint next to and then activate them. The inventory was downgraded from a regular one, where you saw all your stuff in one screen, to a slowly scrolling wheel. I tried using a controller. It was recognized, as the on-screen instructions changed to buttons, but it wouldn't react to any input. I also hated that you can't skip lines of dialogue, as well as most cut scenes. And you can't save when you want.

ATM all of Microids' games are on sale on GOG. I'll check out some of their other adventures. Still Life is said to be good. And I've played Mysterious Island before, which has a successor.
I played some 'Marz: Tactical Base Defense' a tower-defense-like game where you build you base and towers to defend yourself. It can be challenging due to the balance of investing money in upgrades versus having some cash later on for more expensive things like weapons etc.
I also started 'Terminator: Resistance' where I expected it to be a bit more shooter but looks like it's 50/50 story driven and also a shooter.
And played some 'Wolfenstein 3D: Spear of Destiny' as I played lots of the regular Wolfenstein 3D but never completed Spear of Destiny. I only finished the first level though as it was a bit hard to switch to this game after playing the modern Unreal graphics & controls from Terminator.
Dicey Dungeons. I have it on Steam, but I picked up the Switch version since it was on sale for two dollars. So far I’ve completed the warrior’s, thief’s, and robot’s first episodes.
The Legend of Zelda, the Wind Waker, GameCube on Steamdeck

Just continued the Dungeon/Island whit this Stealth Gameplay I ditnt like, wasn’t that difficult in the End, now I’m on the Ornie Island and have to speak whit there Boss ..

Two Months (tm) Steamdeck

The Pyra Fanmade Soulslike Game where you controll EvilDragon on his quest to built the Pyra ^^ (the Health Poison is a Coffee Mug)
Fun Game, but I’m still don’t come over the first Boss, I get him down to his second phase, but then he is quite difficult ..
maybe when I fail enough I find some better Upgrades for my Health and Stamina Bar
Finished The Moment of Silence. This might be the worst point'n'click I've played. It brought out my inner Klaus Kinski. Progressing is so darn obtuse in this one, loads of running around, pixel hunting, impractical camera angles for navigating from one screen to another, weirdly nested dialogue menus, and the character only gives you a hint once or twice in all of the game why something seemingly obvious won't work. I needed to consult the walkthrough every second step, and I've been trying without for hours... still don't know how you would do the last puzzle without trial and error.
It's a real shame since the dialogues are well written, voice acting is alright, and most importantly, the subject matter is interesting and up to date: global AI-powered surveillance, and the political impetus to abolish encryption.

2022-10-23 Edit: finished Still Life. Finally some good Puzzles. Also funny dialogues, I like the female main character. Can recommend.
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Played Maneater for a little while today. Did not like it. Combat is way too complicated. I’m a shark; I should just bite stuff to death. Why do I have an evade button?
Played Maneater for a little while today. Did not like it. Combat is way too complicated. I’m a shark; I should just bite stuff to death. Why do I have an evade button?
The evasion becomes a weapon with different powers after evolutions
I made it to the fourth world in Spyro 1 PS4 version. I’m kinda sad that I’ll never 100% this game though, because I suck hard at the flying levels, but at least maybe I can beat the story.