Sdk This Weekend For Gizmondo?


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Feb 28, 2004
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Firefly has keep us upto date regarding his progress hacking the Giz, here's his latest post;

I still need to take a look at Bluetooth and verify the reverse engineered GPS data more deeply so that I can add those things to the SDK. I'm not going to do GPRS because that would be too costly. I also started working on THE application a few days ago. Some people (pre-alpha testers) might get THE application during or after the weekend.

The following features will be supported by my customized WinCE 4.2 SDK for Gizmondo.

- Button support (F1..F5, PLAY, STOP, etc.)
- OpenGL ES 1.0 for 3D hardware control
- Camera "Capture" (640 x 480) and "Preview" (320 x 240 or smaller size)
- Hardware playback of MP3 and MIDI (limited), including volume control and pause/resume.
- Vibration control
- Playback of video (wmv/mpg) and audio (wma/mp3/wav) files
- GPS information (latitude, longitude, etc.)
- maybe Bluetooth if useable (todo)

and maybe third party libraries for handling PNG (libpng), JPG (libjpeg), OGG (tremor) or other file types. Open source library suggestions are welcome.